hensters September-October BLOG 2004•

Sept 30,2004-
Happy birthday Trey!
Dear Trey,











I know first hand,for I was an addict, hopelessly strung out on live phish for years. I abandoned my school, my home , my job, and my family to inject this sound into my ears. I risked my health, my sanity, my freedom, my future, even my LIFE to continue on in my debocherous live music habit. And what do I have to show for it besides a bunch of amazing friends, a big art collection , a humongous DAT archive and recollection and love for of every single nuance of phish music ever played on stage.

When your listening to songs on the radio, do you fantasize phish is playing that song? Or think "how cool it would be if phish played that song?"
And  quite often that song pertains to very a precise moment/s in your life . ?
Does every phish song that you listen to make you wonder how long ago they were really planning on quitting?
Do you wince when you think of how you will never get to hear several different ripping versions of ASIHTOS?
Me too..
Your not alone.

Sept 24,2004---



So I've realized the fact that im going to experience phish withdrawals the rest of my life and the only cure is more cowbell. Everything I listen to has a remorseful feel to it.
Many songs take on new meaning as my brain deciphers the hidden messages they were meant to convey.

Sept 21,2004

-The feelings not the same  in fact its getting pretty tame, Its just not that great anymore, I guess ill go outside catch a weasel for a ride , take it on down to the shore... Wallowing in fear the days and weeks that your not here , was all the waiting in vain?

Sept 11,2004




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