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Ive had this blog a long time and Ive never really told the world what an amazing girlfriend I have . Lindsay is such a beautiful woman. She takes great care of me, loves me to death and is my best friend in the whole world. Weve been together for 4 years now and im lucky to have her . Much of what I do around here is with her help and she deserves credit for alot of the motivational factors such as bitching at me incessantly about making stuff like shirts and posters. Were getting ready for tour and its a little stressful organizing for a 3 week adventure. But well make it through we always do.
Just a quick I love you before I go to bed.
Lindsay ,you rock babe!


May 25 2004 -

Phish coming to an end has the tide changing suddenly,
the longtime cycle of "Birds" migrating is being interrupted. We became very accustomed took the cycle of migrating around the country. Our very lives revolved around this cycle and the FREE time we could get to go to shows.
The ebb and flow of tour. We remember the holidays because of holiday runs of shows. We remember the summers by the shows that we caught .
All the coolest people in my life , I met on tour with Phish.
And now its up to us to maintain the vibe.
It will be unsettling at first but there are a million things to do to take its place. Bring on the new stuff!!

May 25 2004

Had an amazing day fishing yesterday-It was INCREDIBLE!
We drove about 5 miles out to this place called "Stiltsville " . All these houses on the ocean are built up on stilts. Supposedly used as a party place during prohibition. We found a SWEET SWEET spot and caught 30 Mangrove Snapper.  Small ones at first, then it got crazy and we were catching bigger too fast to take pictures! We kept 8 for food and released the rest. After fishing, we came home cleaned the fish and deep fried the Snapper WHOLE!. Absolutely delicious!. Enjoy the pics-

Ill still be catchin fish no matter what!

Happy Fish


Tiny Grunt

Beautiful Spot to fish

One of the many beautiful sunset pictures

Shallow water navigation

I hooked this fish once , you can see where the first hook made a hole, but it got away. Only to be caught again 10 minutes later!

Rodger catching a Snapper


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