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April 20 ,2004 - OK first of all let me say "Get well soon Chris"  Obviously CK cannot be replaced as the main light guy for Phish. It really showed during songs like "Slave" and "Harry Hood". The guy from Dave Mathews has no clue. It was weird enough to be uncomfortable....
Missing or awkward lighting is more noticeable to some than others... With that out of the way.... We had a great time at all 3 shows . True , there werent any serious musical acrobatics but it was still alot of fun.
......Actually...... Trey  DID bust out some acrobatics and teases that were pretty tight.
His antics as he fell off the trampolines were spontaneously delightful.

Some of the jamming was really EPIC.
need to listen to the big jams some more.

The shows esclated . The 3rd night being the best in my opinion but
"Crowd Control" SUCKS and should be shelved . "Friday" is also incredibly embarassingly GAY. 

I havent listened to the shows yet but i remember a badly botched Stash redeemed by a  decent

I also remember the "Wilson" being pretty cool. The jam out of "Twist" was really big and probably the highlight from second night.
The 1st night of rapping Trey and Jen did together was funny but a huge waste of talent and sadly dissapointing to endure in hindsight.
And Treys voice was so gone it was harsh.
46 Days, Drowned > 2001 > Down With Disease > Free > was great till they chopped the fucking head off the show with the rest of the crap they force fed us with.

First set second night was sadly WEAK. Mike continues to use the same effect in "Boogie On" since Greensboro and any set with "Brian and Robert" is FLUSHABLE..

Second set second night was more like it, nice jams and teases throughout the set , I almost cried during Lifeboy as I groked it .
"We pray and we pray for things to get better but god isnt listening , and we arent getting any compensation for the extra praying we do so,
you might as well get off your ass and do it yourself instead of praying for someone or something to help you. "-NP

And even though the show ran out of gas towards the end , the Hood was enjoyable from up in the rafters.

Third night was great!
The First set was  the most cohesive set they played in all three days
. Solid.

Second set was great as well except they placed  Caspian>Simple>FAGDAY in the middle of 2nd set. This is enough to make me HATE PHISH. They are such an amazing group and to place utter fucking dribble in the middle of a mammoth set just dosent make sense.  WHY????
The YEM was fun , no supprises though, The Tweezer Reprise with the "step into the meatstick" lyrics was a first and quite enjoyable for the history books.
All in all you can cut and paste moments from each show and come up with a couple hours of great music. The rest will be edited off the CDs and never listened to again.

My favorite personal element of the shows was that my nephew Damien was there and so was my cousin Savanna!
It was Damiens first Phish show where as Savanna had seen a phish show with me in 1993 at the Cameo theatre.
For their first shows , they were really lucky to see phish really jam out a few times during the evening. Great first shows are so amazing. I totally enjoyed having them along , we raged late night visiting friends at the Mandalay Bay and "The Hotel" at Mandalay bay,  the Luxor, and MGM and the crowne plaza which rocked because it was so close. The walk after the shows wasnt so bad this year and we sold quite a bit of art in the lot. It really was open vending and we had a blast .

Everything was mellow and the most drama we had to deal with was the phone running out of juice , and the large bag of X we accidently stole out of these strangers car who let us stash our posters in their trunk. Well, some one had dropped their stash into our box and after the show we were walking away when "ker-thunk" this giant bag o shit drops out and we freak.
"oh shit what do we do? "
"We gotta give it back before we get killed!"
So we rush back to the car hoping we don't get jumped by some angry thugs over this misunderstanding. As we get back to the car were approached by the guys from the car, we immediately cower down and apologise  handing back the lumpy t-shirt..
"Dood! im sooooo sorry! we had no idea! , we came back as soon as we realized...."
    "Its ok bro, were glad to see you. heres something for keeping you honest"
he hands me a fat nug and 20 bucks. Me and L apologise again and bail.

I collected so much art in the lot its insane , ill take pictures of it all and let you guys check it out !

What a party! Vegas was so much fun! The best part of course was being with all my friends and family. The shows were decent as well. I have so much to tell but I need some rest , so ill tell you some funny storys and review the music after i get some sleep.

April 14, 2004- So were here at the airport using the  free bandwidth they have .
Pretty cool.

My birthday is may 12.

I got the pre flight jitters, (me too)or maybe it was the  cuban coffee.  Either way the bird lands in sin city at midnight.
We got the posters from the print shop today and they look decent . I would have liked it to be a bit brighter but a really nice job all in all. (it looks great !)

April 13, 2004- Phish Summer dates.
Coney Island are they serious???  Fight  for your right to party!
June 17 KeySpan Park, Brooklyn, NY
June 18 KeySpan park, Brooklyn, NY
June 19 Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY
June 20 Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY
June 23 Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN (Deer Creek)
June 24 Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN (Deer Creek)
June 25 Alpine Valley, East Troy, W

June 26 Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI
August 10 Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA (Great Woods)
August 11 Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA (Great Woods)
August 12 Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ

April 12, 2004-

Were having a scratch and dent sale!

April 10, 2004-

the coolest thing happened to Noah today. It all started last thursday night. I am at my dad's, Noah hits me up on AIM and says our friend Keifer just called to invite us to an art show. It was a gathering in memory of Kurt Cobain. Sounds like fun. I get in my car, go pick Noah up and we jet over to the Design District to check out this exhibit. We get there and Keifer had thrown up a piece on the wall of a guy screaming into a microphone. There was different people's photography some pictures of people in Seatle, one series was these kids shooting up. There was an alter with pictures and stuff. Another piece was ticket stubs from the Nirvana show at Bayfront in Downtown Miami. One part was of a grunge style living room where a bunch of kids were just hanging out and they had live streaming Nirvana concerts playing. This manifestation of the south florida art scene and it's feeling 10 years after the death of a rock star who changed the world as we once knew it to be was pretty heartfelt. These kids were screaming grunge lyrics they had written in honour of Kurt into a microphone and playing really heavy loud guitar. We were watching all this and then the guy screaming in the mic totally destroyed the guitar. Just watching it was liberating. Over the course of the night four guitars were totally bashed into the floor into oblivion until all that was left were pieces of fiberglass gracing the concrete floor.  It was very Kurt. I'm positive he must have stopped by and laughed at our mayheim for a moment. There was even microbrew given out free from the brewing company, we heard there were a few kegs although we showed up right after they were tapped dry. So, we headed to South Beach to get a beer from the Abbey, our favorite brew spot and this is when Noah realized he lost his keys. Man was he pissed but he let it go and we partied a little, I had an Imperial Stout brewed by the Abbey and it was goood, really dark. We decided to go back to the parking lot of the gallery at like 4am to have a look around. Needless to say we did not find the keys. The next day I went back to see if they were open. It was still all closed down but as I turned to leave a friend pulled up and said to wait. We talked and before you know it  this guy shows up. It turns out he was a part of putting on the exhibit (he is a musician a part of Soul Oddity) and his girlfriend did the grunge living room piece in the art show. Well, I look around and don't see the keys anywhere. I leave hoping they will find them when they clean up and call me. The next day we get a call to say they found them. We were so relieved. we go to pick them up and they tell us they found them hanging from a wire in the exhibit with a poem attached saying something like," I lost my life, I lost my keys...." He couldn't remember exactly what it was . So Noah indirectly got to be a part of the exhibit.


One-RT-plane ticket to vegas-$200
Cab rides for all three days- $50
Tickets to all three nights- $100
3-nights hotel costs split with friends-$100
3-days food and drinks vegas style-$100 (breakfast lunch and dinner)
Pollock posters-$30 each
One 1/8 of dank -$50
Various substances-$50
One night at the bunny ranch-$150

Minus the pollock, hookers and drugs- $550

Bitching about a $20 poster- Priceless

April 9, 2004-Our friend Arianna with the good ol boys of RAQ

Were going to print today ! Very exciting. And I just cme back from watching Lenny Kravitz rehersal atth eMiami Arena , Pretty cool , lots of gear and lights . It was far out seeing the inside of a venue thats totally empty .So strange to hear it be so QUIET.

April 8, 2004-A conversation on phishposters.com
    "So wanna venture a guess on how long it took Trey to whip off those Lithos. I mean....a box with a red "x' in it is just about on par with the lithos, right?"
"My only guess, not in defense really but having a slight understanding of minimalism and Zen.
Have you ever seen a Japanese rock garden? Theres nothing to it really.
Some rocks, groomed sand, and maybe a bonsai or some wood. Very plain and unasuming.
The same goes for bonsai tree trimming. Perhaps its the blatant simplicity that makes it "beautiful".

Ive noticed that there may be a pattern to the seemingly quiet nature of the hobbies of some rock-star-painters that spend much of their time making and listening to loud sounds. When not on stage/studio, they probably rellish serenity and quiet. So perhaps it reflects in their art and hobbies. For instance Jerry Garcia liked to scuba dive. Probably because he was a fat guy and needed something low impact, but also because it was meditatively QUIET. Thus in turn,as his other hobby, his paintings are relatively mellow as well.

I may be reaching here, because i don't have first hand knowledge, but Trey likes to ski. It as well can be a quiet mello sport. Granted Trey seems a little healthier than JG but im sure he enjoys the quiet of those long chair lifts to the top of Killington as much as Jerry enjoyed the quiet of the ocean. And again as a hobby , his art seems to reflect the quiet of mind hes acheiving (or trying to ) during breif moments away from loud music and screaming crowds.

Just my thoughts....

April 7, 2004-Our Vegas poster is done .Much Thanks To B Wilson ! Slayer of dragons. ENJOY!
"Everybody braggin' and drinkin' that wine
I can tell the Queen of Diamonds by the way she shines
Come to daddy on the inside straight,
Well I got no chance of losin' this time "

Set I: The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > You Enjoy Myself, Theme From the Bottom > McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters, Bathtub Gin -> Cities > Sparkle, Split Open and Melt

Set II: Down with Disease, Ya Mar -> Prince Caspian > Maze -> Shafty -> Possum -> Jam -> Cavern*
Encore: Bold as Love

My Notes:
Trey said    "for those of you who want to dance to the funk , keep groovin"
*possibly the best Cavern of all time if thats even possible??
& Trey sang alternate lyrics which I somehow remember!>
"Turn the blade back on the bitch and drop her in the dung!"

Saw Bella Fleck last night with L marky, and gail. It was good. No big supprises except that Victor Wooten tossed us a purple hippo after the show making the evening seem serendipitous. Before the show ,I was talking about how years ago , they launched stuffed hippos at us with a sling shot, and how I was hoping to get a hippo.--(OH and I bought  2 front row center seats 10 minutes befoer show time!!!!) So , at the end of the show Victor Wooten threw a hippo right to us and my good friend Gail catches it!
Very cool. Manifesting good ....

Check out my good friend, the painter- Phil Cheney, he paints live during
Snake Oil Medicine Show, Ive seen him paint during the performance and he's really good!
Snake oil medicine show is a intresting mix of gypsy hillbilly jazz. Great folk too!




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