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is your favorite letter.
P stands for poster , parachute,PFUNK,
pretending, pea, procrastinate ,pouring-rain, pink , panties ,Phenster, platypus, pumpkin, pacifying
Phish, Phil, party, porn, politics positive, presents, pets, paradise, please, people, pot, puff, plants, pesto, psychedelic, pipe, polite, passion, play, peaches, pimp, pleasant, PosterNutbag, praise, perfect , pebbles, physical, PYITE, practical, powder, puppies, pills, paddle, persuasion, paid, precise, pasta, pharmies, performance, pizza, parole, pecans, panic, park, plush, promise , poppy, parrot, patience, pause, powerful ,potato pancake, Pennsylvania, posterity ,presto, pleased, protected, peacock, planet, pistachio, pasture, pork, popular, philanthropy, professional, pristine, possum, pampered, pandering, philandering, patriotic, pickle, piss, pleasure, Philly, puddled,
has a penis and a pussy what more could you ask of a letter?

April 1, 2004-
Well, l wanted to come up with something clever for April fools day.
It involved photoshop , Treys head and the body of an islamic fundamentalist. After a few monents of clarity i decided to scrap the borderline offensive idea and just tell you about it.
It had something to do with "all show set breaks would now be spent praying to mecca . And proper attire and beards for the men would now be required to attend a Phish fucntion .
Its not nearly as funny as telling my mom I joined the marines like i did last year.

March 29 2004-
The Vegas Phish print me and B. Wilson (the amazing artist who helped me create the totem pole) are making is starting to look incredible . These posters will be the first signed and numbered prints I create. I will make enough to satisfy my friends and tight phish community.
But its the idea that's got me excited.
Some  rock poster designers  are riding the gravy train of popularity into the ground, perhaps forgetting why they started making posters in the first place. Because of the music .
The songs and folklore Phish has provided for us has such an endless well of creative possibilities for those of us who are so inclined to make art inspired by it all, it baffles me when the treasure chest of symbolic imagery provided for us are almost totally ignored and prints are designed with a consistency that McDonalds would be proud of. Posters made solely to $ell, the end.
Why I make rock posters......
If the IDEA is really really good, im going to make it happen weather its going to be reproduced to sell or not. It's all about the cleverness and deliberate thoughtful insight about the music that goes into a creation.
What does it mean?
Is it clever? Insightful?
Does the artist portray deep insight about the music they are creating posters to sell to the fans?
Eye candy for stoners is easy....
To arrange  an array of symbolic imagery in such a way that its relative to the event ,we have to go the extra mile .....
See you in Vega$.NP

March 28 2004-
Another poster artist. Although I don't know if he's official but i like his Beck poster... does Ralph Nader sound so reasonable to me right now? Webster's 1913 Dictionary

\Pol"i*tics\, n. [Cf. F. politique, Gr. ? (sc.?). See

1. The science of government; that part of ethics which has to do with the regulation and government of a nation or
state, the preservation of its safety, peace, and
prosperity, the defense of its existence and rights
against foreign control or conquest, the augmentation of
its strength and resources, and the protection of its
citizens in their rights, with the preservation and
improvement of their morals.
2. The management of a political party; the conduct and
contests of parties with reference to political measures
or the administration of public affairs; the advancement
of candidates to office; in a bad sense, artful or
dishonest management to secure the success of political
candidates or parties; political trickery.

So far hes the only guy that talks about anything I can relate to. Why not vote for this guy?
I have a soft spot for the underdog. He's against big corporation taking control of everything, he says its dangerous. I have a bad feeling he may be

March 26 2004- Ive updated the HALL OF FAME  so that it loads instantly!
Now you can play all the past "Name That Tune" teases without bogging your computer. DOH!

9-23-03-blast from the past
Phish busts into Divided Sky and during the pause where the crowd screams at the silence ,
they walk off stage and let us go nuts (preferrably in the dark) for the entire set break.
(hence the divided part)
Then, walk back onstage for the screaming masses and open the set with the beginning note.... "ding".....! and finish, "The Divided Sky"

March 23 2004-I could never understand why some people hate Flash animation untill now.

March 22 2004-Well i finally got pictures from the Mystery Ship .Better late than never!
This guy, whom nobody knew, fell off the boat into the water after sneaking on the ship. Then he was trying  to sell his soaked boots to some people at the end of the pier.

March 19 2004-So i found this site
There you can ask famous guitar players questions.  Including Bob Weir. I havent thought of a question funny enough for Bobby but I did have a special equest from Kerry King of SLAYER . Here is my letter to him and his response.
"Dear Mr King ,
SLAYER has been my sons single favorite band for YEARS!

And because of his facination with your band his intellectual and emotional development has been devastatingly crippled.
All he does is huff airplane glue , dress in black and worship Satan.
The therapy bills are piling up, can you perhaps have a word with him?
It would mean a lot coming from you.
His name is Marco Esquandolas and he's in his 11th year at the community college studying communications.
Marco Esquandolas Sr. "

His response

  "that was pretty funny, yem"
anks Kerry ,im looking forward to the guitar strings you promised. : )

March 17 2004-
So i hit a wall today while using the Mac to do some flash . The action scripting feature on PC is diffeent than MAC and i cant figure it out . Ive created two scenes and  two buttons.I  want to action script a button to go to scene two. But when im in the actions window, and i double click goto and play , it dosent give me the option to select the scene. *sigh* i fucked with it for a few hours and gave up .

March 17 2004-We had the standard  Corned beef and cabbage dinner  tonight . Doug and My cousin came over who had taken some nice pictures from his work as a studio wiring tech. Ive Helped build and assemble these patch bays into studios. It entails alot of sottering , and building connectors for thousands of wires that all connect  to the back of the patch bay.After all the connectors are made and sottered to the appropriate scheme, each wire must be rung out witha multi meter. Then they are installed on the console or on a rack .These Bays create a synergetic system which means all the equipment in the room can be connected to each other and work together.
Does anybody have a cd of phish -10/27/94 UHALL, UVA, Charlottesville, VA?
Id really like to hear the encore again and i can't find my copy.  I know its a throw back but whateves, humor me.

March 16 2004-Check this out. First type your name into it and read what it says . Then do your significant other. THEN type TREY into it . I found it to be very acurate. FREAKY especially for TREY .

March 14 2004-HAPPY 64 th BIRTHDAY PHIL LESH !!!!!!
Im so glad you were born!

Last night we went to our very good friends 30th birthday party. She had it on this enormous party boat which had like a whole tiki theme. The second story had a bunch of beds, a hot tub and the ground was covered in sand. It was way cool! Happy Birthday Adrianna...your party rocked!

March 13 2004-Only a short time to rant . then it goes tot he chopping block.

March 12 2004-My cold came back, now i have an ear ache. Grrrrr
March 11 2004-can you get out of the room?
It was  great talking to everyone today, i had like 6 chat windows open at once. Vegas  is gonna rage, AGAIN. The Mandalay Bay is going to be the mecca .
March 10 2004- site!!
I found out that I share a birthday with Steve Winwood! No wonder I love traffic so much!  Theres all kinds of cool tidbits about music and musicians.  gen discussion response to mike pepper

March 10 2004- I love this site for some reason.

March 9 2004-Had an amazing day at school today . Learning is fun. I love to plug into the matrix and download knowledge. Its definitely some kind of ultra repressed learning energy because lately when I GROK something i really enjoy or have been working on at school, its better than drugs.
And speaking of drugs, i ve been shown a bunch of phish vegas posters and the morphic resonance behind the slot machine is incredible. Everybody has these certain SAME images in their minds eye when they think of vegas .
And its FANTASTIC to see all the different facets of imagination that there are out there.

March 8 2004 -Heres a cool site by  a friend of ours ! Pü Tzu's been ragin the live music scene forever and has some pretty interesting insight and travels . Hes really knowledgable about  gems, rocks and crystals, and a pretty enterprising brother with lots of energy and love for the scene
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Usless political rhetoric.. don't like Bush or war or any of the obvious bullshit that's going on, but I also don't make any  ridiculous claims that I know what's really going on, or to have a better solution to the problem. Again I know nothing , this is just a rant. Its probably safe to say that If you think you know what's going on by watching the news you are just as ignorant about the "WAR" as I am.
We are only as informed as the media wants us to be. Even those in the Army  probably dont know what's going on, they're just following orders. So here's a quick diatribe written this morning
describing how  futile it is to speculate about everything .... A MEANINGLESS DIATRIBE ABOUT THE "WAR"

March 7 2004 -This is not photoshop!
Ok I've been under the weather for a few days with a cold. Don't ask me how we get sick when its 80 degrees outside, i think caught it from some one at school or using their computers.
Who knows right? Somebody with a cold could be wiping their nose and then using the mouse, EWWW.
I going to bring purell hand cleaner with me to class from now on.  And I'm not a germaphobe but i hate getting sick.

Our Vegas plans are in the making, any of my friends who are going should contact me so we can make plans to hook up there.  Im not really into drinking myself into oblivion or gamblng so were going to go hiking by red rocks canyon and do some sightseeing.

I've also had the delight of listening to Trey and Dave Mathews! If you haven't heard good audience recordings of this stuff your missing out . Any "phishhead" with the gawl or misdirected testicular ignorance to say it's not good music, creating great energy is  probably a pubeless WOOK.Ill even go as far to say that " the energy seemed greater at some of those Dave and Trey shows than many 2003 phish shows!"MAD PROPS TO TREY AND DAVE !

in Africa!

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