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has a penis and a pussy what more could you ask of a letter?


Who's got my miracle?


"Whats really grooving? This is Denny. I hear that you all had a wonderful New Years run. I talked to Jaybird briefly about it. His opinion was that it is the new Phish and that it blows eveything else away,  ever.?  Any input on that?  I know Jay has been known to embelish a thing or two. You must have enjoyed Albany. I loved that show,  I put it top seven for sure.  Get back to me, let me know you are out there.  By the way,  it is supposed to be minus sixty degrees in Aroooostook tonight!!!!   "



Its all about energy Dennis.

"For what we needed right then, it was almost perfect, the vibe was so  right and the energy was so  good . We all had a lot of fun and say “it was the best ever “ because at the moment it was! The ENERGY was ON! No the Miami run weren’t the most amazing musical acrobatics ive ever seen. BUT, they were literally the “ HOTTEST”  new years shows EVER! I’m pretty sure that the warmth and knowledge that we’d all get to hang out together outside had  a lot to do with our energy. "

And ive had a chance to listen to the audience recordings and they SMOKE the soundboards !!!100%


A letter from R.S-
"I'd put 97 before 98 and
both before miami, although miami certainly ripped. Good luck in going back to school and shifting priorities. Jam cruise equals hepatitis A, meets the norwalk virus. if I wanted to hear the disco biscuits or particle late into the night next to the sneezeguardless buffet, I'd be hard up for jams. I got tix for macy gray/bowie twin bill this next week. I have never been a bowie fan, so I'm interested to see his live show. I've decided this year I'm going to stretch my musical interests even more. you know, check out bands I normally would not. peace"

1-8-03- "1984"

Ok so i have to talk about phish again.


So ,people are comming into town for the Jam Cruise which sounds like fun , but a bit too extreme even for a music fan like myself. Im sure it will be a great time.

For those interested in checking out the past, i slightly organized the past blogs.

I havent even listened to it yet but I remember a point during Antelope where it got soooo fast that it coulden't get any faster ,then my brain stopped regestering the music and for a fraction of a fraction of a second, I heard this aduible white *pop*! good stuff.

Just a quick thought before i start my day. I think its really cool how Phish invites the local community to share in the NYE parties. To include the marching band and such is so smart .
, its cool that phish gave people the chance to be exposed to some thing new that ordinarily they would never have experienced.
It will make coming back much easier for the band and the fans having incorporated a small group from the community into the scene. The Marching band that attended will tell their friends how much fun it was and what a great party we throw. Instead of feeling excluded, they were welcomed to participate . It really was a great idea.

1-6-03-MY 2 CENTS-The first show really really sucked compared to the last three bombers .I don't care how jammed out "Frankie says" was, that song is weak, and will never be accepted as fun/enjoyable. "Friday" was so incredibly boring and stupid ,like the rack in a torture chamber, it stretched on and on and on, Trey was just like ,"EAT IT MOTHERFUCKER!!! EAAAAAAT IIIIIIIT !!!
I was begging out loud for them to stop playing. The accidental jam out of Suzi was cool and useless at the same time ya know? Whateves.

The other 3 nights! OMFG!
If I never see Phish again I wouldn't care. I'm over it. FINALLY. IM SATISFIED.
Simply put , those three shows were the most fun i've had at phish ever. Best energy, best dancing, best buzz, best friends, best after party,
best accommodations, best venue, best location.

My chances of catching 3 amazing shows like that in a row again compared to their recent mathematics is ZERO
A band that boasts that Hampton is their favorite venue, and then takes a dump on stage is suspicious.

If I ever hear Walls of the SCHWAG or Friday ever again, I will be the reason venues stop selling bottled water .

To anyone still hell bent on doing full phish tours, I can only assume your young and you haven't been to enough bullshit music to bore you into a real life, or perhaps you need to sell stuff on tour to survive. I suggest , that you stop endangering your precious life on the road , for a band that doesn't give a shit, and go back to school . When we did tour it was because we couldn't leave the taping of the shows to some knuckle-head.
Now we are free to roam the country at will.
No longer controlled by tour dates and festivals, we can move on with our lives.Ahhhh.

1-5-03-I don't know where to begin.....I love life. All my friends fucking rock. 2004 is going to be my best year ever. Muchas gracias to everyone for making the Mystery Ship so incredible!
The voyage was a little shorter than planned but I think the captain and crew were pretty damn cool ; )- Remember the mystery guest who somehow snuck on , and then fell off the boat when we got to the dock!! He was trying to sell his boots to people down the pier.
Please send me the photos of the random guy who fell in the water

"Once upon a NYE run in Miami, a random drunk with a half ass Tony Montana accent, sweaty face, sleazy demeanor and (supposedly) $500.00 tacky cowboy boots, stood behind me on line for the kindest Mystery Ship adventure ever, and with a breath from hell itself he said: "I an goin in men...don sei nozin men...don sei nozin...yul see...I an gona eat all de food an talk to the honeys men...don sei nozin". When we approached Noah's checkpoint, the idiot stood out like an open sore; no one knew his stupid ass and he supposedly got left out. 40 minutes into the ride, the scumbag reappeared, hangin' out on the upper and a lot more intoxicated and obnoxious than before. As we reached our destination and people started clearing the boat, I heard a "BLOOOAASH!!!"...the karma gods had spoken and it was a beautiful sight: The idiot got dipped by the karma gods deep into the nasty waters of the south beach port and was pulled back up with a couple of sea creatures jumping out of his now defunct (supposedly) $500.00 boots....and once again, life worked things out in its usual beautiful ways."-from a happy passenger.

We had so much fun relaxing back at the apt with everyone, see you there next time!

Send me some pictures too PLEASE.
I'm proud to be getting to the blog so late. I was having too much fun to write.
Ill get to it later. The Mystery ship was a total blast thanks to everyone for making it possible!
Now im going to go register for classes for the first time since 1995.
The NYE HEAT shirts are going well, hit me up if you want one

12-27-03-The sun is shining it's a beautiful day!
Everybody's commin my way.

12-26-03-Another beautiful day! Everybody's commin into town! I'm freakin out.

12-25-03-Merry Christmas! AND Thanks for trusting me with your extras! I promise that Ill try to sell the tickets you've all sent and kick you down the loot.
Im listening to 8-7-93 phish . Its when they used to shread,and we were a real attentive audience.
It's another gorgeous day outside, yesterday it was hot enough for the beach!Today is a little cooler. Not A cloud in the sky.


The weather is amazing , a little wet but warm!

12-23-03-Another amazing day! Its really nice outside today!

MIAMI -- Temperatures around Florida will return to normal ranges Monday, after the weekend brought the coldest weather of the season to virtually all regions of the state.
A blast of Arctic air, followed by another cold front, swept over Florida last week and sent temperatures plummeting to record lows in some areas. However, meteorologists said Sunday that the warm-up is already under way and will steadily continue throughout the week.
Were gonna start with a fresh page for the holiday, plus the old blog was getting bogged down from being so full.
yo Tripp, if your out there i got like 20 people who want to buy the poster you made!
Email me if you get this message

Marc just hooked me with an Allman Bro's show with Jerry Garcia and it's dripping !

Whipping post with Garcia...


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