10-5--12-23 2003 BLOG
& Miami Weather Report Suite

is your favorite letter. P stands for practice, pastry, punk'd,
pretending, pea, procrastinate ,Pouring-rain , panties ,Phenster, platypus, pumpkin, pacifying
Phish, Phil, party, porn, positive, presents, pets, paradise, please, people, pot, puff, plants, pesto, psychedelic, pipe, polite, passion, play, peaches, pimp, pleasant, PosterNutbag, praise, perfect , pebbles, physical, PYITE, practical, powder, puppies, pills, paddle, persuasion, paid, precise, pasta, pharmies, performance, pizza, parole, pecans, panic, park, plush, promise , poppy, parrot, patience, pause, powerful ,potato pancake, Pennsylvania, posterity ,presto, pleased, protected, peacock, planet, pistachio, pasture, pork, popular, philanthropy, professional, pristine, possum, pampered, pandering, philandering, patriotic, pickle, piss, pleasure, Philly, puddled,
what more could you ask of a letter?

Another amazing day! Its really nice outside today!
Marc just hooked me with an Allman Bro's show with Jerry Garcia and it's dripping !
Whipping post with Garcia, Betts, and Haynes?!?
Someone please hip me to the line up of the Almans in1989

12-22-03- Encore 1st nite-

I downloaded one of Mcglaughlins latest shows and itscompletely ripping.
Tablas blazing!!!
-Well it finally warmed up today but it rained early in the morning so its gray outside and soaked but its warm. Had dinner at Gail's house the other night, great food fun people. Thanks for having us!
Finished pressing and printing for the most part , now im looking for a scooter to cruze southbeach with. The one im looking at is pretty nice.

Yet Another
cool night outside , we took a walk on the beach last night and it was tolerable.
Almost made it to see Lord of the rings 3 but decided to wait for L.
Playstations Lord of the rings video game is pretty cool as well, Adam just lent it to me along with another wicked game from rockstar games. Almost too graphic for me.

12-20-03-DAMN coldest day yet. Mid 40's at night! I wonder how long it will last.
Happy holidays everyone!

12-19-03-Another chilly day in south florida, but warmer than yesterday. Almost done with all the designs so i can focus on the food thing. Trey and Dave on letterman again tonight. I noticed Trey dosent really rip it on tv, but i bet the shows are decent.

Trey and dave on letterman tonight!
A beautifully cool day, Actually kicked on the gas heat. Walking around in a hoody im warm. Made the final payment to the Mystery Ship and discussed the weather with Holly. She said it's never been a problem. There are shades on the ship to block the wind and she said that with 50 people grooving it will be warm. She also mentioned that smoking is preferred on top. My biggest issue is keeping the food hot till 130 am. Its going to be a matter of getting someone to bring the hot food to bayside so we can put it on the sterno trays at 130am. Not an easy task.
Ill hafta get on the ball.

12-17-03-Woah it got chilly tonite in the 50's.Its been doing that, Warm for a few, chilly for a few.
Lets pray for some sunshine during the 4 day window. Either way its not too cold for a warm hoody. For the ship ride if the weather is ridiculous the captain will scoot us across quickly. It hasn't rained at night for weeks so it shouldn't be an issue.
BAM.The NYE design looks awesome.We've redone the tshirt and poster pages.

Everything is running smoothly, The mystery ship is going to rock. Arroz con pollo, wings from hooters,black beans and rice, fruit salad, vegetables& dips, huge mixed greens salad,
chips and salsa,soda, booze & pink champagne. I know i mentioned it before but I really made the effort today to make it happen. The Ladies at the supermarket said they use beer to cook the Arroz con pollo.Ummmmmm beeeeer. The weather has been incredibly enjoyable!
A few cold snaps here and there as the air reaches us from those northern storms.
It was hot today with a cool wind in the shade, t-shirt weather. Miami beach is looking good. Getting a scooter seems to be the way to go. Everybody is driving them and they are so easy to park. Traffic was bad coming to the beach , it was pretty crazy. traffic can be really awful here sometimes , were sooo lucky AAA is right down the street . I've been talking to all of my kidz out there and people are super stoked. I want to thank everyone again for making the Mystery Ship a reality. I know it will be an amazing after party experience.


We here at
henster.com would like to remind you this holiday not to support the faceless corporate merchandise companies or that asshole Waldo at knighthoodtees.com and his shit wagon of a money grubbing company. They are blocking the unification of our scene.
Don't let them manipulate you into the rock-art rat-race. Corporate logo rips are so 97' cheeze.
Where is the soul? What is the deeper meaning? Where is the heavy symbolism?

Support your local artists and lot kids. The large corporations don't care about love for the music or the scene. All they see is dollar signs. You can make a difference by not supporting these monsters and giving back to the scene. There are alternatives to buying phish merch and waldos garbage. I am not groveling for business. I actually care about US.
Yamabushi has nice stuff, Be Good Family has cool gear, Erin sells girls clothes, Jason lees makes nice posters, so does Scott Cramner .Tripp sells shirts every show. These people are hard core about the music and the vending supports the live music habit. I should know , I do the same damn thing... SUPPORT YOUR SCENE!


Its up to us to create the environment in which we play.Ive noticed alot of newbies coming to shows and standing there like wooden indians cemented into the ground. Hell, we as a fanbase don't even really go nuts anymore. Most people go now because its trendy.
If you are a dork ,please stay home, the rest of us are trying to groove and your sucking the energy out of the room with your cigarettes and your uselessness.

12-12-03-Watch the video I shot at American Airlines Arena.

The weather is so nice outside. It rained briefly and now there's a cool breeze makin my room very comfortable.Incredible.
Tomorrow ill make another movie of the walk to Bayside from AAA. Im also going to buy the booze for the cruize. So any of you on the Mystery Ship have any SPECIAL requests for alcohol NOW is the time to hit me up, I think ive got it covered though : )

I get a contact buzz just looking at
George Clinton's
recent mug shot!

12-9-03- SAT December 27th...dj le spam spins Booty Bass at Poplife..I/O Lounge...
Downtown Miami
Im not really a "booty bass" kinda guy but i know there are a few of you out there...

12-8-03-Ive got eye strain...



IT GETS A LITTLE HEAVY NOW........................

I was talking with J and after much discussion we came to the conclusion that our DNA is smarter than we are and that all it wants is to do is propagate its self in the most successful way.
This means that it dosent care about riches or popularity or successful careers. All it wants, is for humans to unite & stop killing one another. To be prosperous in a loving ,nurturing , accepting environment ,the most life inducing factor for humans. We thrive and prosper when cared for and produce more humans when we unconditionally accept one another. These DNA messages may have been reshaped and "upgraded" several times.Evolving mercilessly onto mankind, twisting
us and morphing our cultures into all kinds of ideologies and religions. All preaching pretty much the same thing . Unity thru Love for one another and to prosper and enjoy life. Unfortunately "The common error of ordinary religious practice is to mistake the symbol for the reality, to look at the finger pointing the way and then to suck it for comfort , rather than follow it."-Alan Watts
I think this means that the humans are getting caught up in a "my love is better than your love."

Ridiculous isn't it? Maybe when a DNA message dosent work out 100%, DNA morphs and adjusts and tweeks the signal to be stronger. Now, maybe that message of "love thy neighbor" has now been forcibly upgraded by DNA, which only cares about the unity of its hosts in order to protect its existence, is now saying "well,' love thy neighbor collected a bunch of followers but it was no
t quite powerful enough to unify ALL mankind. Perhaps making muslims bow down to mecca 7 times a day to drive home the honor their very existence, forced a different kind of unity.Almost intolerant of any other "program" besides"SAVE THE DNA BY UNITING MANKIND under this one idea ".DNA does not care about anything but its own survival and only when man is at peace with each other will his chances for survival rise. Maybe A next step in evolution could be mass empathy or telepathy. Where everybody communicates the same idea/feeling simultaneously.
creating compassion for all DNA. DNA only cares about saving its self and evolving ,and will stop at nothing short but bringing us to the brink of disaster to show us how delicate a species we are and that continued intolerance and war may bring humanity to an end. Its up to US to nurture all of those around us, even if it simply means to be intellectual compost for others to strive
from.We are being driven by an inner code that pushes us to succeed . Perhaps this code to unify is sometimes perverted and twisted for the love of ones "OWN KIND OF DNA" Perhaps the Nazi's were being controlled by a powerful DNA message to "Unify and save our DNA" Obviously this was disastrous and failed, but remember the same message was there. DNA does not care what message it is .Even if its evil . All DNA cares about is " unite as one to succeed ". There seems to be a pattern forming and the different groups of DNA are battling it out for supremacy!!! Each group involved in a delicate game of "Who's got more conviction." I would have to say that The DNA "conviction" message is a little stronger in some groups than others. Especially if that group has experienced a holocaust of some kind. Their DNA pool then reacts in a defensive major comeback for survival and thrives! Need i name examples?! This ever evolving reality is always changing and is hardly fixed. Even if seemingly stagnant for 1000's of years, the development of mankind is slow, and we will be transformed in one way or another by the undying will of our smarter half-DNA.

WOW that was a good doob! what the hell did i say?!

Mystery Ship menu so far

A couple trays of
Arroz con pollo
hooters wings
Big tray of Rice and Beans and Plantains
BIG mixed greens salad from farmers market. W/organic dressings and bleu cheese.
BIG Fruit platter
BIG Veggie w/dips platter
A keg–booze & champagine

John Lennon Died on this date."love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear."
~~~ john lennon ~8/9/1940 ~12/8/1980~~~ Mark Chapman's is such an asshole!


12-7-03-I was on planetallie.com and i found some cool links and an upcoming event in NYC that i'd LOVE to witness for myself, & perhaps see some good music for a change.If your lucky enough to go to this show Please tape it for me.Or art least tell me how it was.
is a sick performer.

"MUST SEE SHOW OF THE WEEK: if you're anywhere near nyc this tuesday (12/9) we order you to see a very rare and wonderful performance by "take a seat" featuring Brian Haas, Mike Dillon, Skerik & Bobby Previte at the Knitting Factory's Tap Bar. you just might poop in your pants."

The Meatrix


12-6-03-Im watching a show on Viruses like Ebola ,West Nile ,SARS & Monkey Pox and it seems like mother nature has its own karmatic defense mechanism. Humans have abused animals and exploited them for food and pets to such a degrading state that nature is telling the humans to "back off" with these awful diseases that they say we "will be fighting forever and will never fully conquer"


12-5-03-heavy video from GNN

STILL the funniest site on the WWW.


I M FINALLY HOME -It was so good to see so many old friends and people that i haven't seen in a long time. I wish you all the best and maybe we'll see you down here for NYE.
Except you "Tampa-Hyper- Matt" , you've obviously been eating the peanuts out of Treys shit.
I'm "positive" about one thing, you need to get laid or something. Good luck .

12-4-03-Ive been home one day and i think i may have the flu. I'm gonna fight it but my lungs feel like sandpaper.

My friend joe told me about his friend who found a Coyote on the side of the road and made it into a hat.

12-2-03- Boston Phish-20th anniversary
Set I:
Harry Hood, Cavern, Birds of a Feather, Ya Mar, Horn, Piper, Anything But Me, Water in the Sky, Down With Disease
Set II:
Rock and Roll> Weekapaug Groove> Tweezer Reprise, Frankenstein> Kung> Frankenstein, All of These Dreams, The Wedge, Boogie On Reggae Woman> Cities, Maze, Waste
Encore: Bug
This second set was hilarious!
frankenstein>kung was truly bizarre almost too much.
Even though it wasn't the biggest jamfest I still had fun. Boston was the best of the 4 shows but nothing super special. The montage video was cool. It just seems like phish is winding down as a band and the fan base is full of kids who are pretty inept at how to react to music in general.
I had more fun hanging out with my friends troy merri jon rosie mike smoo and the mass pack than the actual show. I guess that's the way its going to be from now on.

Mike and Mark drove us all the way to Boston you guys rock!
We had a bite to eat
Clam Chowder>
Salad >
Shepard's pie

Bolted back to meet troy amd merri and jon.
We partied, and then piled in with our huge group,Getting in was a total sheep herding disaster because the crowd was sooo thick you could barely move.Jay bird stacey dennis PK Josh and the crew came bulldozing through the crowd and we jumped in the train and we pushed our way to
the front of the line where the sheeple just made way for our obnoxiousness At first we decided the best way to stay together was to go up to the 300's but I motivated the MASS PACK down to the "preferred seating" and after a few skillful maneuvers over the wall we were.S-T-Y-L-I-N ! ! !.

The effect on the bass during Boogie on was out of control it just kept going and going

After the show it was so fucking cold I couldn't stand it, we raced for the Holiday Inn to meet up with Matt before heading back to our hotel.We RAGED It OUT with 15 people or so just puffing out and laughing at everyone who was hurting themselves trying to do whippits out of this canister.
Too funny.

12-1-03-Phish Albany-
We arrived at the Crown Plaza Hotel ,what a party!!
Wished Senior a happy birthday and went to the show.
we took over a section of seats behind the tapers with all the Maine kids and the carolina krew.

1. Chalk Dust Torture
2. Stash
3. Guyute
4. Thunderhead
5. Sparkle
6. Wolfman's Brother
7. Good Times Bad Times
Set 2
1. Tweezer >
2. 2001 >
3. You Enjoy Myself
4. Camel Walk*
5. Possum*
6. Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress*
7. Run Like An Antelope**
1. Fire*
*w/ Jeff Holdsworth (guitar and vocals)

**w/ Jeff Holdsworth and Tom Marshall

Musically, no HUGE HUGE jams but a great show for the nostalgia
Nice jam out of Wolfman's Brother (so what) Guyute SUCKS FUCK YOU
Good Times Bad times saved the energy of the first set.
Tweezer to open was typically good with a sweet segue into 2001.For someone who got their balls stomped by a Hell's Angel, Mike can still bump the bass guitar,and did a wicked extended solo outta YEM which was pretty thumpin and the jam escalated to a nice peak.
(Not as fat as the YEM from 11-9-98)
Then Jeff took the stage and PILAGED the Camel Walk into funkytown!
Possum was interesting to hear jeff sing even if he isn't the strongest vocalist. Too bad they didn't practice the Long cool woman it was so slow and botched it was embarrassing to watch.
the Antelope was the same as usual but always a treat compared to the usual crap they've been boring us with.
We bailed before the encore and scored a meatball sub and pizza right next to the venue.



11-29-03- PHISH PHILLY------------------------------------------------------------->

Set 1
1. Wilson
2. Cars Trucks Buses
3. Limb By Limb
4. Dirt
5. Seven Below
6. Divided Sky
7. Fast Enough For You
8. Julius
Set 2
1. Twist >
2. Simple
3. Taste
4. Makisupa Policeman
5. Buffalo Bill*
6. David Bowie
7. Strange Design
8. Character Zero
1. Friday
* w/ tom marshall
We stopped by Ryan's crib in the ghetto and it was very nice! Got hungry.
Ahhhh just got back from dinner from
Mccormic and Schmitts Restaurant
Blue Marlin>
salad with bleu cheese and glazed walnuts>
Chocolate cake w/raspberry sauce
Crab cakes
Red wine - merlot and cabernet

Ok that's more like it! The Bowie was my favorite moment of the show.We had a nice group of kids ragin by the taper section.Every thing was cool and then they chopped the fucking head right off the show with character ) and Friday . L-A-M-E.

Either way we had a really great time dancing and partying with all our friends. After the show we walked back to the car thru fake down , scored some fatty bombers and headed back to the Jyatt. After a few puffs we located Damien at the bar with more of our kidz chillin the bartender gave us a huge stromboli which we devoured instantly.Some funny stories later we realized that my tucket was with richie so we took a cab to the motel 6 and scored my Albany ticket. THEN we headed to Genos for several philly steak sandwiches , for us a some for troy and Merri at the hotel.Soooogood .
Quick call-
GRANDMASTER MELLE MEL "white lines" for nye

11-28-03-PHISH -Nassau Collesseum-

Set 1
1. Bouncing Around the Room
2. Runaway Jim
3. Ghost
4. What’s The Use
5. AC/DC Bag
6. First Tube
7. Frankie Says
8. Bathtub Gin >
9. Free
Set 2
1. Waves
2. Sample In a Jar
3. Down With Disease
4. Walls of the Cave
5. Two Versions of Me
6. Crowd Control#
7. Mike's Song >
8. I am Hydrogen >
9. Weekapaug Groove
1. Crimes of the Mind*
*with The Dude of Life Saw some old friends in the lobby of the Marriott, we all say "hi" to each other
... sometimes it / they seem so bland...
Went to the show with lindsay troy ,rosie , mike, peter ,merri, jon, at first we were in the 300s behind the stage but we stubbed us all down ,actually getting caught with the lights goin out before we all got together.One song later we were all on the floor rocking with senior and robbie. and schwilly and allie and koskie.The taper section was amusing
at best.
"Whats the Use"
was a long awaited song spat into the worst show ever.
Nice seguay into 1st tube though!
(7-4-99 was the best WTU/Slave ever.)

The bouncin opener was a clear message That Phish was going to SUCK Long Island monkey nuts. Basically the show was an insulting musical slap in the face.YAWWWWWN.
Unfortunately, we as a fan base are much to blame for the tame show..
People are just standing there .(ISIO,ISA)
LIKE FUCKING WOODEN INDIANS CEMENTED INTO THE GROUND. The ACAC Bag had a cool fake ending into some meaningless frenzy jam , trying to get the crown pumped, but it didn't work, the crowd didn't go nuts .Everybody just stands there.

Then they play that new song "Crowd Control" to actually MOCK the audience ,and our general lack of interest because the crowd is just standing there not giving the band any energy.
had a little groovy section next to the tapers section, other than that the crowd was HORRENDOUS and not deserving of anything much less good music. Way to let us have it boys! One of the most blatant examples of a MUSICAL SPANKING I've ever heard.
TOTAL FUCKING DRIBBLE. Contrived and usless, never to be listened to again. FUCK IT.. Lets play the Mikes Song BAIL OUT.....

I am not negative, that sucked. everybody hurts.


11-27-03- I'm at the airport using the free wireless signal ! This is soooooo coool!


-Our concept of time and planning were a bit astray so were leaving tomorrow evening.
I could go see spam in a little while if im brave enough to go the 12 blocks into the grove.
Well... we went to the grove and it was jam packed with bass music and latin people. Culture shock. Since i live here i never go downtown but it was so packed we couldn't get into the show so me and adam played guitar till 3am.

I want to offer my condolences to my good friend Paul whos mom passed away at hospice the other day. Even thought it's a great loss, the opportunity to be there at hospice
was a blessing. Much Love Paul and his family. See you soon bro.

Sweet ! Boston is gonna be crazy crazy... ,So many cool people in one place .
I expect it to as good as New Years. There are just sooo many people going to just Boston... It seems to be the one place where all the fam fam gets to be together. New England rocks.

Ahhh the smell of pizza...

Television is the governing mind of the sheeple.The whole world is a big smoke screen to the people whos job it is to mastermind all the well timed big news story's that distract the public from what's really going on. I am Numb.

11-22-03-I feel several songs coming on...Faht>Demand>Peaches>.
Where is the east coast Peaches?

I would also like to make some other calls....
Nassau Encore: Friday>Possum
Philly Encore : Hello my baby, Julius
Albany Encore : Star Spangled Banner
, Contact
Boston Encore
: Amazing grace ,Highway to Hell >Tweezer Reprise

Miami Encore-"Cocaine>Icculus>YEM" with Eric Clapton

Homer in England--->
"Look, there's Jimmy Page , the greatest thief of black American music there ever was!"

http://www.bestaftershow.com<---- this looks vaguely familliar...An art exhibit!
And in my home town during the the Phish NYE run! www.everettgallery.com- Everett Rocks.
Easily some of the most beautiful posters ever made...EVER.
A definite must visit for any appreciative rock art collector or fan.

Stress levels are running high, were almost ready for launch.
I'm crankin out designs and ideas daily. Nassau should be awesome.
Its right after Thanksgiving
so everybody's full and in a good mood and getting ready for X-mas and all that comes with the holiday spirit.
I've been a bad boy this year so i don't expect my stocking to be full of anything but
a 46 day supply of coal.

"-By the way, they ate ribs!"

Just beginning to feel the pre show jitters. It also may be that I hate to fly.
There are still some tickets available for the MYSTERY SHIP.
If you know me and would like to join us on NYE email me.

For lack of a better explanation morphic resonance rings in my ears.
This force is like the invisible ethereal coffee for the soul. I am awake .

11-21-03-Our friend Traff passed away in his sleep yesterday.
A mysterious loss, he will be missed.

11-20-03-Saturday Night live tv fun house

On a lighter note , Robin Williams is on inside the actors studio ,
I think he just may be the funniest man on Earth!

The Free trade protesters got their asses kicked by over zealous cops who have been hyped up to crack skulls, tear gas and abuse people. It's really kinda scary . Undercover cops dressed as protesters whipping out taZers and telescoping billy clubs, punching people in the face who are merely holding onto the people next to them in the flurry.
We are headed for a police state of Orwellian proportions.
You can tell the cops are getting off on the violence, they LOVE it. They're eating it up like shit dripping from the asses of their commanders.Mindless babylon robots, determined to hurt people.
The Phish show is exactly where all that bullshit is going down and im almost sure there will be a presence similar to what you see on TV.

My old friend Eliah came into town today, and It's great to see him.
Many years ago he turned me onto Phish for the first time by playing "Contact".
He's such a talented dude, he plays the Chapman Stick
.Check it out!


Im liquidating one "Wendy's burger ball" leftover from being onstage with
Phish in Atlanta 06-15-95.
It Still has the original air blown into it at the show. EBAY will take care of it for me.

My butthole surfers toiletpaper is going for over 20 bucks!

The Waves art show is promising. We will hopefully draw a crowd big enough to
support this humongous effort.Its ALOT of work and all I did was build the site. Lindsay is going bezerk trying to organize this whole thing and it's stressful. Neither of us were promoters before this so we are a bit amazed at the response.

The Mystery Ship is filling up with kind peeps as well.
We've decided on 3 kegs of beer ,maybe only 2.
We'll have Sierra Nevada, Anchor Steam, and New Castle.
Maybe we'll have a friends truck waiting at the dock to pick up the kegs to continue the party at our place afterwards.

The food is still being worked on. Vegetarian and tropical delights is my first plan.
Then catering for the carnivores will be settled last.


11-18-03-Which came first the chicken or the egg? The AWNSER WILL FINALLY BE REVEALED!!!

SOLD! 1 ROLL of Butthole Surfers Toilet paper !

I've added a random stuff page to phenster.com for no apparent reason.Submit anything from pictures, to links to recepies to whatever you want. It's a gift to everyone who visits this site. All submissions will be honored.

Got to stop going to bed at 7am if im going to have all this together.
The Star wars clone cartoon was killer, and the marvin the martin cartoon isn't bad either. I'm so easily entertained.

Dinner at home.
Brownrice W/string beans,red peppers,carrots,onions. Sauteed in soy and fish sauce and garlic.
vegan temple balls.

11-17-03-I am seriously considering having some special food for after the show on the mystery ship. I'm talkin gourmet vegetarian and vegan foods that are amazing.

Doubledown on the simpson's tonight! Another musical.
Nelson's election anthem -"I am Iron man- dodo dodo dodo doo vote for me!"

Dinner at home.
Vegan curry almond pate w/blue chips and flax seed crackers.
Brownrice W/string beans,red peppers,carrots,onions. Sauteed in soy and fish sauce and garlic.
vegan temple balls.

11-13-03-Check out the Waves site i built. Content is on the way!
Is "Animatrix" the best cartoon ever made? Damn what an awesome DVD.

-CLONE WARS-5-needs quicktime.

Another late night results in a non productive day. Although the first sketches of the NYE
I had are done .We made some changes,simplified and glorified the piece. I hope you like it.

We danced to Spam All Stars last night on Sobe, it was fun , I rarely go out to miami beach but now i have a decent reason. The Vida Blue show down here should be killer. And I just got my friends apt on the beach so I have a Pimp place to stay for the NYE run. I'm going to find out about the kegs of sierra and new castle for the ship.
If you need information about the Mystery ship go to


11-12-03-BIG PIMPIN!
if anyone is at a loss for what to get me for X-mas, this and a pre-paid gas card would be nice.

The NYE shirts are looking killer. Very difficult to cut out but worth the effort.

Get ready for clonewars 4 tonight.

11-11-03--CLONE WARS-3-needs quicktime.
Today's date reminds me of the 3 night run at the Fox theatre in Atlanta.
The lights malfunctioned in Fishman's Elvis cape. They also opened the 3 night run with TR.
For what its worth , i never ever look at the hpb, i just seem to remember the date and show.
I'm making shirts tonite, we got the printer back so im full swing till NYE. Ebay rules.


I missed trey and dave on TV was it good?
I wonder how many people are going to to cash in on the Trey and Dave Tour.
Talk about custys.. I also wonder if we will get soundboards of the shows.

11-8-03-ITS A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL click the animated movie.

11-7-03-Ive been thinking about my dream car . Still immobile. Condition grounded.

Another late nite forces me to sleep the day away grrr. Trying to get things done in the 3 week period before the NE tour is my kinda last minute adventure. I thrive under pressure. Thats the way its always been. Too many distractions and no car so its been slow going. Id like to thank Mike and Troy and Merideth for being there when we're in need of a boost.You guys have been such great friends, I'm psyched to see you guys.


Dosent it feel like these shows are the last ones. I'm pretty sure they're not but it feels that way.
Maybe its just me, Ive been doing this for so long and for them to play NYE down here seems like a fitting end to the whole tour thing for me. 11 years I traveled around the fuckin country to see these guys show after show. I've put in my time, blood ,sweat and tears. What a Perfect send off.

11-4-03- Empty headed I stare at the screen. A pain I cant identify" has now been identified as AIM. An icon is used to convey who we are and I change mine alot.
Here, in this place, my fingers tap out words so that others may see them. I can barely read them myself. The foremost intrusion is the incredibly loud barking of the dog and the uncomfortable height at which my computer rests in relation to my seat. After several hours im in need of a massage but rarely get one.

I remember how long I waited for Big Cypress to Go off and then it came and went.And Segments of the music there was so "AMAZING" that everything else pales in comparison.Its True
These upcoming shows will be totally unique.The last 4 night run was in Red Rocks 96.

Never have they played on New Years in such warm weather that everybody can just enjoy hanging out out side on the beach. I envision drum circles till dawn. There will be a huge sand castle with candles and huge towers. I see alot of people eating fancy lunches and sleeping the whole day away.I can imagine Ocean drive being shut down as thousands of freaky people mill about the ocean side cafes and bars.Washington ave will be a parking lot with lots of heavy bass pumping out the Escalade's with revolving 40" rims.There will be a humongous fakedown in the circular walkway next to the AAA. I imagine riding a scooter all over Southbeach visiting many friends at all the crazy hotels . I see alot of people eating sushi and cuban food.The ocean is a mecca for many. It will be chilly most likely but this will not stop us as we enjoy such a rare treat as jumping in the ocean in December. Im really psyched for every one whos comming down.
These shows in my backyard are such a treat. Im hoping for something special.
I mean so blown up its READ ICCULUS.

Making these plans to go up north to do those 4 shows and get rides, tickets and hotels and then come back to do these 4 shows in Miami is stressing me out a little.We had some pretty good incentive to go but it fell thru. Id like some more of my friends to scoop us up and take care of all those details for me, we'll pay our way , just take care of the accommodations and the ride.
Have Love, will travel.

We made some really cool shirts today, great ideas pouring in all the time make this job so much fun.

I'm glad everyone seems to enjoy the music I've put to the site. Ill try to keep the songs relevant and


A BIG "U ROCK!" to Lindsay who's been working so hard to make the Waves art show happen!
I gotta hand it to her, she hasn't stopped. Thanks to everyone who's been trying to help her take on this massive task.She really wants to make this happen for the community and im amazed at all the work and contacts she's made. Still, there's alot to consider and its all very intense. Id really like her to succeed at this so she has all the support and help I can give.
I'm psyched to have such an eclectic group working together for a common goal.

10-29-03 YO id like to spell out mad props to Andrew and his band The Spam Allstars .
He and his band are flyin into NYC to open for MMW on Halloween! THEN that morning they're catchin a flight back to Miami and playin the
Flugtag event on Southbeach @ 10th & Ocean.. 12:30 pm the next fuckin day!. That s hardcore.You guys mow NYC down to the ground YO.
See you at the FLUGTAG!P

"One of the largest known solar flares erupted from the sun on Tuesday, heralding a storm of superheated gas that could hit Earth within a day. "


You may have heard that Lindsay is working on having an art show at the Wallflower Gallery, a gallery/cafe downtown during the holiday run, the show is called, "WAVES " and it is in walking distance from the AAArena. The Gallery would feature lot artists Ryan Kerragan, Jason Lees, Scott Cramner, Emmy Bradbury, Melanie Barnum, Melissa Capps, myself and other visuals. We're hoping to make this vision come to fruition.

Finally.The "Mystery Ship" is a done deal. Went down there today (ill make a better movie tomorrow)and was super pleased at the ease in which I was able to ge to the dock.Then I met with Holly , a super nicer lady and we discussed the deal.The ship is being renovated with new bathrooms and such so it will be in great shape for us when we go.And we get to have our own kegs and music. Its perfect.
Much thanks to everyone this is going to rock!.

I haven't heard this town get this crazy ever.
From out side my house I can hear people still honking their horns and yelling and shouting, sirens and megaphones adding to the insane babble.

People keep asking if there are tickets to the Mystery Ship. Yes yes there are the Ship is Soul-ed out.

Last night was the RASA party at the Czech club. Damn fun for an event thrown in Miami!>
Suenlo played first, a latin psychedelic rock band. The guitarist sounded like he listed to the Dead, good stuff.
There were also these wicked tabla players scatting and playing tablas. Most of it was outside and the weather was perfect. Once it drizzled scaring the crowd inside for a second. We puffed and ate vegan treats and sushi from several of the booths there , I was looking into catering the Mystery Ship with more upscale grub than pizza. Ill take a poll and see what people want.
Then Spam hit the stage for a short set, what a cool band , crazy samples of lawnmowers and doors opening and shutting. I cant wait to see them on the 3rd of Jan.

10-24-03-I got the stack of tickets today for the mystery ship !.Now I have to go down there and give them the loot and talk to them in person so we can make accommodations for all of us to have an amazing time.

10-23-03-Ill be hiring kids who need to make $$$ to fund their trip down here,check this message board



10-22-03- I saw the air guitar for sale on ebay go for $2.00. I love ebay.
Somebody asked me for a copy of 10-22-96 so im listening to it now- it's average to boring.whateves.
like i said there were only a few stellar moments in 96- deer creek, red rocks,halloween.



10-21-03- 10 days to halloween, I wish phish was going to play Electric Ladyland.
Im listening to Spam All Stars funk it up with Page in NYC. Soo goood. "I wanna FUCK!"

10-20-03-Today I changed the boats name from Noahs Ark to "Mystery Ship".
I am really psyched about the whole boat thing, its so perfect for what we want to do its gonna be amazing ; )
Please email me if you have any questions

10-20-03-Rollenhagen prediction-"Interesting Things happen with numerical patterns."
For instance, this coming Holiday run has an equation that portends a bust out show.
EXAMPLE: Dec is the 12th month. ------------------------------------------SO----1+2=3
It will be the 3oth day of the month ----------------------------------------SO----3+0=3
As it will be written in most set lists, the year will be represented as 03.SO----0+3=3
So in otherwords;12/30/03=3/3/3-and as we all know, 3 is the magic number.
Marks call De La Soul- 3 is the magic number : ).




The Mcdonalds like consistency of Setlist integrity(regurgitation) That Phish (and the Dead) adhere to is the statistical mathematics of the songs probability to be played at that place in the ordained space of a 2 set show.Then played repetitively until we are so familiar with the flow of a concert that our behavior as an audience is incredibly predictable.
Creating a pavlov's dog effect called Classical Conditioning a mild form of brainwashing.
EXAMPLE:The mathematical probability's of songs that usually open a first set;
Phish'sHistorical 1st set openers: Runaway JIM, PYITE, ACDC BAG,Llama.
Dead's Historical 1st set openers:Jack Straw, Bertha,Cold Rain.

I'm going to assume we're on the same page now about setlists being almost purely mathematical.
Then come the complexity's of equations.
Ex. Yamar and ACDC bag are often next to each other in the equation.
Statistically The number of times certain songs will be played in ONE year is obvious.
( if at all ) be played once year.
But When they are played we all go "YYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!" Because of the rarity of the Mathematical formula.
SO, by these standards and the consistency of the sameness of the music, we are controlled by the mathematics of music and its placement and duration. EXAMPLE: Phish has played bouncin round the room the exact same way for 15 years.
The same goes for the Sloth, and Horn and for the MOST part Guyute.
(They aberrated once in Guyute)

If they were to ever aberrate from the norm say, Bouncin>huge JAMFEST>Bouncin for 20 minutes, We as a fan base would all go nuts and afterwards agree that it was the"best bouncin ever!".
Now having said this understand that they as a band have a profound understanding of tension and release.

So they plan way in advance what are going to be the crowning moments of the tour or show.
Back in 1996 Phish proceeded to (SUCK)play the most toned down tour they've ever played DELIBERATELY.
All the while very strategically ,they were practicing for REMAIN IN LIGHT and were setting us up so Crosseyed and Painless would be the WATERMARK or pinnacle of Phish Bust outs.This has rang true in Phish mathematics since 10-31-96. There is no denying it.

I am so pleased that we have the boat to whisk us away from downtown. I've lived here many years but have never partied on NYE in town like this before . I was always in New York seeing Phish or if I was in Miami I certainly didn't go downtown to party. It's going to be a fiasco down there. I'm gonna go downtown today or tomorrow and shoot a video of the walk from American Airlines Arena to Bayside where we will board the Party boat.10-19-03- NYE COUNTDOWN Sweeet! We have our own private party boat for after the show on NYE!
We are going to be LAUGHING as we sail by all the cars stuck in traffic to Miami Beach.
If you haven't paid that's cool. Ill have the tickets in hand sometime this week.
10-18-03- I have the down payment on the ARK.
Now we can have the tickets printed up and ITS ON! Thanks to every one who has helped make this possible.
By Monday I will hold the seats for my friends who are undecided.
10-17-03-"New ones comin' as the old ones go. Everything is moving ,but much to slowly."
the-love-boat by larry carlson.10-17-03- First of all what a game last night ! Yankees vs Marlins for all the marbles!
Jason's call? Marlins in 6 . Now to the bigger news!>
"So , how'd you do ? Did you get tickets?"- is the quote of the day.
I hope everyone got in the door. I got mine. And a few for my friends. WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Now that the ticket nightmare is thru, I can begin hounding you all to get on the boat.
I cant stress enough how much of a hook up the party boat next to the AAA is!
You walk 500 feet and your at Bayside. Tickets are still $140 for all 4 nights.
(that's 35 bucks a night)
The tickets are transferable fo those who might not go all 4 nights.
Traffic on NYE is going to be a NIGHTMARE FROM HELL.
10-17-03-3:40AM just got back from seeing Spam again.I can't sleep, we've figured out where to go for tickets ,let's hope everybody and their brother doesn't do the same thing . Good Luck everybody.-We just came back from Sobe at Jazid seeing the Spam All Stars on Miami beach and it was Bumpin!
I've been listening to Andrew spin records for 10 fuckin years and his new band is incredible.
They begin by playing funk records and then the band lays down the Afro/Cuban/psychedelic-funk, while Andrew mixes during the live jam ,it 's too good.
Then he gave me a SBD of his band playing at SOB's with PAGE in NYC and it's SMOOTH!!!
Definitely my new favorite band.Hes gonna RAGE with Vida Blue NO JOKE.
10-15-03-Bill Gates mug shotl Nice collar!
Poor monkeys ..
The tension is building, .Its like the calm before the storm as we await 10AM friday.
While you wait ,request to join my gang the"groveboys" ----> "http://www.gang-wars.com/
10-14-03-http://phenster.com/Ark.html- The final Countdown.......
No I don't work for nutella.Personally I think its great out of the jar with a spoon. Enjoy!

I could care less about the news in general but I put on the TV to watch nothing and theres Kobe Bryant, and then I think to myself, "this sucks i've got the munchees," so I go for my favorite food in the whole world and what do i see?
Hey man I dont know what homey did but if he likes Nutella he can't be all that bad of a guy can he?
Its like this , If 80 people give me 100 ,We get the boat with no food or beer. fuuuuck thhhaaat.
I want to kick pizza and beer so I have to collect 140.

The whole thing is gonna cost about 9000.
Please spread the word to our friends to send me MONEY immediately.
If I get half the loot by Friday , I will have the Tickets printed.
10-13-03-Im asking for the final go ahead from the people who have paid for the Party boat,
If I don't get more respond$e by people who want to go by friday night, ill just get a scooter : ).

if you are not receiving the updated pages you should refresh and/or go to your browser preferences and clear the cache.
10-11-03- I'm enjoying a Tahitian coconut , it tastes like toasted coconut! Such an amazing exotic fruit.
The only place to get them that I know of is the
farmers market on the weekends in Coconut Grove.
Congratulations to all of you who got tickets! We got lucky with a pair of NYE tix and 1 Boston.
So.. we'll hit the Ticketbastard on Fri and try for the first 3 nights of Miami.
Then Ill try and get some extras for all my kidz commin down. That's when I expect the boat to fill up.

I've been talking tot people and some people don't think they will go all 4 nights. This is to be expected, so if this pertains to you remember the tickets are transferable so you can give/sell/trade them to your friends. I suggest leaving the option open. Downtown Miami is Ghetto & you'll want to vacate as soon as possible.
Unless your planning on going to after shows. Personally, im usually DONE after a Phish show and all I want to do is relax with my friends. The Party boat keeps everyone together after the party for a little while and delivers us to Southbeach. Instead of us splitting up and going separate ways, we get to hang out together and decompress.Its the holidays and im just trying to show my northern folk a good SAFE time.Southbeach will be bumping when we arrive.
I ll have free kind beer and pizza and veggie platters each night so we can get fed and get our drink on.
After the shows , if its not to chilly, we all should get blankets and lawn chairs and coolers and hit the beach to watch the sunrise.Then, go to Athens Juice bar for breakfast.Then go to sleep for a few hours. Then wake up ,take a cab to AAA and do it all over again.Ahhhhh...sounds nice.
10-11-03-Rumor has it that all the downtown Miami hotels are full. If your looking for hotels that might not be as expensive as South beach , try the Sonesta in Coconut Grove. Its New and pretty nice.It's located in downtown Coconut Grove, about 10 minutes down the road from AAA.
We still need more cool people to reserve spots on
Noahs Ark . 10-10-03-
Im still collecting $ for the party boat.Id like to have the down payment by monday.
We had a great brainstorming idea tonight with some old friends .
I like the documentary of phish in miami idea the best .

Id like to place my early request for any tix for the northern run.
The Mail order gods have spoken.
People must be going ape shit right now.

"We regret to inform you that you did not get the tickets that you requested through Phish Tickets-By-Mail"-ouch.
10-9-03-I have a few special things I like to do here in Sofla that only Miami provides.
Drinking fresh fruit smoothies. Fresh pressed coconut milk is one of my all time favorites.Athens Juice bar is where should be a daily mecca when you get here .

AAA-information- We should be finding out about our tickets today or tomorrow.
http://www.warprecords.com/lukevibert/video.html- Open this site in a new window 3 times,and get all three screens going at once.
CALIFORNIA- .Nice message were sending to the rest of the world.
Crazy Propaganda to make us look scary to all the other countries were fighting.
There must be some psychological impact when you show people from Afghanistan a clip of Arnold in "The Terminator" and then show him running the state of California. We as Americans must be thought of as reckless thugs firing up the machines of war for profit and entertainment.
-I just found another Party boat, "The Fiesta" to ferry us for the 4 days from AAA to Sobe!
Im not giving up that easy. Much thanks to all those who have paid already.
The new ethernet router we installed isn't working properly. It dosent let me upload anything to the we when its connected. Both computers can surf but that's all.

10-7-03-Interesting factoids/observations- (thanks CG)-
10/7/94 - Debut of Guyute best Guyute ever 12/29/94- Providence RI
& what's the one with the extended middle jam ? Merriweather 98?hmm.

10/07/99-Fist show of four on east coast.( Nassau>Albany were The Worst Shows Ever.)
Remember the sign hanging across the buildings?
"Welcome federal agent's to the DEA narcotics convention."
-Worst Shows Ever.
They played Peaches twice in the west THEN they got to the east coast , and in a 4 nite,two venue run they played Caspian twice...(F-U-C-K--Y-O-U--A-S-S-H-O-L-E.)
On the 10-10-99 Albany Caspian... I was ducking down 7th row center . & during the quiet pause before Caspian busts, you can hear me yell: ------>"PLAAAAY PEEEACHEES IN STEAAAAD!!!!!
,and Trey actually flubbs the beginning of Caspian.

10/7/00 - last show for over 2 years

10/7/03 - Formal announcement of Trey touring as a member of Dave Matthews supporting cast.Dave Matthews is taking a few friends out on tour this winter,
but they aren't his colleagues in Dave Matthews
Instead, the singer/songwriter will hit the road with longtime sideman Tim Reynolds, Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio, Anastasio-affiliated keyboardist Ray Paczkowski, and rhythm section Brady Blade (drums) and Tony Hall (bass), who back Matthews on his new RCA solo debut, "Some Devil."
The tour begins Dec. 12 in University Park, Pa., and will wrap Jan. 16 in Oakland, Calif. Emmylou Harris and Spyboy will also be on the bill. Tickets will be available for members of Matthews' Warehouse fan organization beginning Thursday (Oct. 9).
Anastasio will be wedging the dates into Phish's previously announced fall tour, which begins Nov. 28 in Uniondale, N.Y., and includes a four-show New Year's run in Miami.

That's alot of shows before New Years. I was hoping they would be practicing for something special for New Years.
I also wonder if they will be playing Dave's songs exclusively.It sounds as if that's the case.

10-5-03-I had to start a new page the last one was getting bogged. I'm gonna leave up the Noahs Ark till the 29th. Its lookin hopeless but it was nice to know people were willing to try.
I keep thinking about "Tropical Hot dog Night" Phish will probably bust out the hot dog again.
The new design Mark and I made looks awesome. I will spend some time trying to get that together.
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