9-26-03-"Robert Palmer is applauded again, again, again ,Its so stupendous, living in this tube."
Even though this is what all the lyric pages say the lyrics to Tube are ,they are wrong.
They dont sing applauded or again, its some mumbled made up word that leaves us guessing.

9-26-03-Its been raining here the last couple of days, people are excited about this holiday run.
So ive been updating the info page . Enjoy. The New Times paper will be crutial as you cruise the streets of Sofla.

9-23-03-I began to fantasize again today. Ive been calling this for a few years .
Phish busts into Divided Sky and during the pause where the crowd screams at the silence ,
they walk off stage and let us go nuts (preferrably in the dark) for the entire set break.
(hence the divided part)

Then, walk back onstage for the screaming masses and open the set with the beginning note.... "ding".....! and finish, "The Divided Sky".

9-23-03-I was thinking ....This gets deep so bear with me. Many people have been chaffed by a Velvet Sea encore, of this I have no doubt.But I think I may be able to explain a theory of mine that may shed some light on the whole slow song thing. I firmly believe that Trey has firm grasp on Zen. Feug Shui being a component of this ideology. The whole scene, the band ,the fans, the merchants, the cops, EVERYTHING is breathing together some how as one big organic component. The flow of energy is released and harnessed and released again.
Almost like being digested.We enter the show, are absorbed and digested and then let out.
There are alot of people who come to these shows ,
many of them aren't hardcores.Some people NEED to leave during the encore , regardless of the reason.Many people like to leave during the encore to avoid the rush, many people vend.
Its an organic way to let us exit the show.Feng Shui. Very Zen.

It was like that with the Grateful Dead as well, even more so because they actually empathized with the people who existed on tour to an extent.
And without the slow songs to add dynamics, what would we compare the rockin music too?
Still... Beauty of my dreams and Brian and Robert ...suck...always did...always will...no amount of philosophizing will explain it away ...

Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer waht

oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the
and lsat ltteer are in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and
can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey
lteter by it slef but the wrod as a wlohe and the biran fguiers it out


9-20-30-Saturday- Sorry about the delay kids ,the high-speed gods havent been smiling on me
,everything was rockin for an hour then it died , im powerless to fix it till the tech guy visits on monday.
But since the fantastic news ive had time to brainstorm a little. We came up with a few hillarious designs with the help of Mikey and Bill. Ill bust em out later.

The other idea we had was that :
We all should dress like Tony Montana on New Years Eve.

9-16-03-Ive really enjoyed being driven around these last few days. Gas is so damn expensive I can't imagine having a gas guzzler right now. If this war is all about oil , where's my cheap gas?
Hopefully Bill can score me a fat ride for a decent price.

9-15-03-Days go by without high speed and i feel like im in the traveling lane.
JBird i havent forgotten about ya, and martini and Ed thanks for keeping up with the blog. The party at Gails was plesantly plush. Nice pad. right on the bay, totally decked out .
Im getting flooded with orders for posters and shirts, thanks everyone!The most popular designs have been these two...

9-14-03-Hello every one out there in TV Land.
Thanks to every one for the amazing summer! If your having problems reaching me its because my phone and beeper are gone. That fuckin phone was giving me a brain tumor anyway.
I could feel the microwave beam from outer space frying the inside of my cereberal cortex.

-After several long frustrating calls to the DSL home planet, i at least have dial up till they deliver the new modem.It's been HOT and slightly nerve racking being back in So-fla.The HURRICANE is stressful, I was here for hurricane ANDREW - and that was by far the closest ive come to being scared shitless. The 100 ft mango tree down on the corner cracked in half- at the stump making the scariest crashing ,crunching,splintering thunder that vibrated my house.
Me and Edwardo ran , screaming like teenage girls for cover. The next day the entire neighborhood had gotten a bad hair-cut. But luckly, very little damage to the house. No joke.

As the keepers of life on Earth, all the people of the world need to unite, to better safeguard what precious species we have left. We as humans seem to have one universial responsibility;
to preserve the life on this planet.-NP

Well, it looks good in print anyway.

9-9-03-Home Again! We stopped and visited Chris ,Jane ,Amy and Hansen, late night we went to a keg party which got busted up by the cops. Stopped in on John as well and had a great time just relaxing on the couch watching movies and football. The Hurricanes beat the Gators in an amazing game.
After a gruling drive down in the Ryder truck the humidity finally hit us, we're home.
The last 5 months were pretty expensive between rental cars, eating out, gas and my ridicilous phone bill. So, if you need to reach me please email me or call me at home.
Email will be a problem since Earthlink has been fucked since I left town 5 months ago.
If they don't send out a tech in 2 days I will cancel with them and go to bellsouth.

sept 1,03- Last day in Maine : (
Still waking up from the party last night, it was chilly so we cuddled to stay warm.
The 3 beers I drank was a landmark for me. The party was awesome! They set up these spandex cloths expanded and tied to trees making symmetrical dragonlike screens, nestled in the trees. They threw up a visualization show with all these crazy lights and filters that shot psychedelic images and patterns onto the trees. There was some really cool photography of Bob Marley and some other photos ranging from the 1920's to the 1970's. The noise disturbed the normal activity of the once calm woods. It scared the squirrels and birds away for a day or so.
Psychedellic breakfast jammed out pretty hard. JAM> Buffalo bill by the beatles, scarlet begonias and a bunch of originals.Good band . I got to meet so many cool people.
An amazing get together for sure.
What an astonishing array of realiy tunnels. The human is so rich in diversity. The multi-faceted
universe gives us a humongous playground of beings who have tapped in to the vast expanse of "experience" and have consturcted a literal fashion of their own eloquence. Some musical fences to hurdle, and understand. My enjoyment depends on this . The circuitry of "beautiful people" .

Tuna Salad>
macaroni salad>
cold cuts & cheese>
veggie dip platter>

Tomorrow we pick up our car and drive home which I havent seen in 4 months . Its gonna be nice to drink some fresh pressed coconut milk and see some old friends again.

Aug 30,03-ME-Hay Labor day weekend!
Thanks for everything! We had a blast! Look for a DVD in the mail!

My stay here in Maine has been fun, this weekend were having a party for Jays birthday. They're setting up all these spandex screens between the trees for the light show.
Tonite should be pretty crazy. All of jays friends are really cool! What an awesome way to end the summer!

Aug 29,03-Thank you Steve Jobbs!

Aug 27, 03-My mail is filling up with letters of people whos email contain the "worm virus".
Luckily for me, I use a Mac : ),so other than some extra spam email it won't effect my system.
I'm setting up the spam blocker and some other protocols to eradicate the issue.

Aug 27 03-
The thing I love about the SBD downloads is that I can EREASE every version of Gayute, Fagday, Two Versions of Meaningless, Beauty of my Cheeze right off the disks and mix and match the music flow to my liking.


Aug 24,03-After a couple beautiful days in VT we motored back to Maine.
We returned the blue rental Jeep, and began to apprentice for jay.
My skills at web design are improving daily, plus its fun working with Jay. We'll leave after the labor day weekend party.

I have so many orders to fill for people who want posters and shirts , I haven't spaced you all, im just experiencing a little inconveince since my car was totaled.
Its a blessing in disguise , the car had 275,000 miles on it and did non-stop tour from 1997-2003.
Time to shuffle the deck. Perhaps another Jeep or Subaru. Gas is so expensive nowadays,
i'd like a more economical car. ANY SUGGESTIONS?.


waldos "art contest"



Aug 21, 03- Matt's kittens are so much fun!
The sun is shining and hot so we went for a float in the pond. Today we'll Barbecue up some corn and chicken wings, and make some bruchetta with fresh tomato's and basil from the garden.
Last night Brad made DELICIOUS sushi rolls . He made these amazing beer battered fish sushi rolls. Ill make some of those when I get home.

Aug 17 03-The Docs made sure Lindsay was ok at the hospital while I cleaned out my car at the jeep dealer.I wait for monday to dispense with the unplesantries such as dealing with insurance people and the like.

Aug 15, 03-The artificial reef program sounds good right about now.

August 12,03-

Last night we all set up fatty tents and camped out on jays front lawn
The rain was a beautiful symphony lulling us to dreamland.
When I woke I told mike I had a dream that I was over at his house and I was hitting the deemsters.Mike said i REALLY WAS and said i told him some ridiculously far out story which i cant remember. Fun.


Today we all went for a hike on the beach. Took a nice hike up the rocks.

Tombstone at top of
Popham beach

Drowned on my Birthday

August 10 03- We went to see Snake Oil Medicine Show!


August 9,03-We all miss you Jerry.

Although ,you've left us all
"striking matches to better see the dark"
." I will get by"

Troy and Merrideths wedding!
We had such a great time celebrating with everybody, much love , see you soon! Enjoy Hawaii!

August 8, 2002-

If you have a Macintosh computer, run ! don’t walk to the mac store and overnight your self this camera, its absolutely amazing!!
Then log onto aim and video conference with me for free!
Dood it's SIIIIIICK!


AUGUST 7, 2003- What a crazy couple of weeks! I'll begin to recap all the insanity!



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