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is your favorite letter. P stands for ;Pouring rain ,panties ,Phenster,
Phish, Phil, party, porn, positive, presents, pets, paradise, please, people, pot, puff, plants, pesto, psychedelic, pipe, polite, passion, play, peaches, pimp, pleasant, Poster (nutbag), praise, perfect , pebbles, physical, PYITE, practical, powder, puppies, pills, paddle, persuasion, paid, precise, pasta, pharmies, performance, pizza, parole, pecans, panic, park, plush, promise , poppy, parrot, patience, pause, powerful ,potato pancake, Pennsylvania, presto, pleased, protected, peacock, planet, pistachio, pasture, pork, popular, philanthropy, professional, pristine, possum, pampered, pandering, philandering, patriotic, pickle, piss, pleasure, Philly, puddled,
what more could you ask of a letter?

ost Phish tour
Aug 17 03-The Docs made sure Lindsay was ok at the hospital while I cleaned out my car at the jeep dealer.
I wait for monday to despense with the unplesantries such as dealing with insurance people and the like.

Aug 15, 03-The artifical reef program sounds good right about now.

August 12,03-

Last night we all set up fatty tents and camped out on jays front lawn
The rain was a beautiful symphony lulling us to dreamland.
When I woke I told mike I had a dream that I was over at his house and I was hitting the deemsters.
Mike said i REALLY WAS and said i told him some ridicliously far out story which i cant remember. Fun.

Today we all went for a hike on the beach. Took a nice hike up the rocks.

August 10 03- We went to see Snake Oil Medicine Show!

Psychedellic ,hillbilly, gypsy, jazz-fusion is a great way to describe this experience !

August 9,03-We all miss you Jerry.



Although ,you've left us all
"striking matches to better see the dark"." I will get by"

Troy and Merrideths wedding!
We had such a great time celebrating with everybody, much love , see you soon! Enjoy Hawaii!


AUGUST 7, 2003- What a crazy couple of weeks! I'll begin to recap all the insanity!

Ok, we left Jersey licking our wounds for not leaving early, picked up rosie in NYC and headed for Troy and Merideth's house in boston.
Arriving early in the morning, Troy was just pulling out of his driveway to go to work.
Just in time, we grabbed my tickets and hauled ass for Limestone ME. Rosie opted to stay behind and drive up with T&M. So I drove and drove and drove and drove until I began
to freak out.
We somehow made contact with Mike, Eric and Becca and Rob and Robbie and they told us to meet them at the Presque Isle Inn.

We stopped at the Mobil station to regroup and saw these girls fly into the parking lot and rip a crazy u-turn. "those girls are gonna kill someone driving like that" Eric said. !) Fucking minutes later as were driving down the road, the same girls are driving in front of me and they make another crazy u-turn in front of us,whipping their car around as fast as they can , they rip back toward the road and smash into my right back tire! BAM!!!!
We are stunned but still in control of the Jeep so we pull over.

Their car is spun out in the road with a shattered windshield and missing bumper which is lodged in my back tire. I am pissed but concerned about the girls in the car.
"Are you all ok?!" The passenger was sitting with her face in her hands, I thought it was gonna be bloody but thank G-d she just got a bitch slap from the airbag which shattered the windshield when it deployed. WHEW.
The sheriff came and we filled out the accident reports and we were on our way.The car was fucked up and acting funny , so we decided to stop at the Inn and relax after almost getting killed.

Mikes room was killer! A big 2 room suite! After talking to friends who have been in traffic for 16 hours, we decided to stay the night and deal with the traffic in the morning.
Which turned out to be the BEST IDEA EVER! We woke up at noon and slowly made our way towards the IT fest. We had some in-side directions and a map of the area, so we circumnavigated all the traffic and drove right in without waiting in any traffic at all!!!!!!!!!
We parked in the day lot and slowly made our way down the RV parking lot.Effortlessly I found all the Burly kidz all nestled in for the shows. We all walked together in a pretty big group and settled in nesr
Needless to say the sound check and the air-traffic-control-jam was the best music Phish has played for us in a while. Non-obligatory jamming I call it, music they would play if they if they weren't obliged to play Phish songs for a crowd of newbies.
The first nite of IT was a big joke on us about the mud being so bad.
Cavern to close 1st set was a cruel joke.

The next days concert reads like a epitaph.
"Commin down to redeem a mighty world"
Obviously the band was in a somber mood about 2 of their friends dying while setting up the event. Plus the Feds had several dozen cars,trucks and vans filled with computer equipment,and undercover operatives scourging the area. It was a heavy scene. Definitely one of the most emotional shows ever played by this band, hands down.
All the songs had a bittersweet feel as the emotions built up. Each song was like a remorseful warning to us all. ARMY OF ONE-WILSON-MIST-PEBBLES all dealing with anger, fear, and sadness over losing a friend, being watched by the man, the possible final end of Phish tour and the helplessness felt by them all about the whole situation.
We laugh in full light of their frown.

After the show my car wouldn't start so the Loving Cup rang true as my car whined.
(Early the next morning a tow truck driver fixed the problem in 1 minute!)

Subtle hints the band was feeling remorseful
and expressed it thru song...1. the lack of Harry Hood........
They didn't tell us about the deaths-------------GHOST-which was SIIIICK!
"Danger i've been told to expect it--------------JULIUS-whatever
"Taste the fear,for the devil's drawing near"----46 days-Humongous jamfest
"Their clumsy end was perilously near"---------Lizards- Botched but who cares
"Run like an antelope out of this show"--------Antelope interrupted by Trey sullenly thanking the crew .
"Good times bad times, you know i've had my share" GTBT- Go figure
"Pebbles and marbles like words from a friend we try to hold close but are lost in the end"-HEAVY STUFF.
"Can you still have fun?!"----------------------Wilson-
Kill you till you die-----------------------------PYITE
I could go on but im going to assume the reader is smart enough to understand where im coming from.
I had an amazing experience where I understood where they get the energy and motivation to play the incredibly high energy music they do. Each song is written about a direct experience that someone in the band had. Many of those experiences were either very painful or tragic , a few of them were very happy IE: Harry Hood.
So when playing these songs, they have a historical reference point in their life as to where to draw the energy from , to play the songs with emotion and feeling.
Because the majority of inspiration comes from tragedy , and painful or unpleasant experiences, the music is ROCKIN! Almost screaming at you.
These moments in time transcend into the bad ass rockin funk we love.
MUCH Thanks to Phish for playing great music thru their time of sorrow.
We laugh in full light of your frown.
I didn't know I was so far gone.
Noah Phence
After leaving the IT fest we drove to Jay's moms house for a amazing home cooked meal and homemade blueberry pie! Thanks so much Carol and Jacob!After a good nights rest and some jaunts to the post office to mail the accident reports from accident #1.
We came to a skidding halt after 100 feet and amazingly enough, walked away. A tow truck came within minutes and loaded up my car onto the flatbed.The Sherriff arrived and didnt give me a summons which was awesome. The off duty tow truck driver was a deadhead named Tony. Thanks man! We gave him some art for being so kind!
Luckily Jay and Jen came to pick us up or I don't know what we would have done!
We now await the insurance adjusters to call how exciting : (

08/03/03 - IT Festival, Loring Air Force Base, Limestone, ME
Set 1: Daniel (Saw the Stone), Saw It Again, Punch You in the Eye, Army of One, Chalkdust Torture, Wilson*, Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove
Set 2: Mellow Mood, Ghost**, Mist, Pebbles and Marbles, You Enjoy Myself > Chariots of Fire^, Loving Cup
Set 3: 46 Days, Julius, Lizards, Secret Smile, Run Like an Antelope^^
Encore: Good Times Bad Times#
  * - Trey said something to the effect of: "Hey, Kevin, there's a post-able version of 'Wilson.' Ladies and gentlemen, the Shortest 'Wilson' Ever! I'd like to dedicated that to our archivist, Kevin Shapiro... And now: the longest 'Bittersweet Motel' ever - I'm kidding!" Then the crowd started an enormous chant for 'Fluffhead.' After conferring with the band, Trey said, "Mike says no" - and the band launched into 'Mike's Song'; ** - with massive glowstick war; ^ - Phish played the song in the background as the winners from the '100th Running of the First Annual Runaway Jim 5K' were brought up on stage and announced by Trey with photos on the video screen (the women's second-place finisher was actually Trey's neighbor "from right down the road" and the men's winner, from nearby Presque Isle, had a time of 15min for the 5k); ^^ - after the "downshift," Trey thanks the crew and the crowd; when the band returns to the song, they skip the "Rye rye rocco/Marco/Spike" lyrics section; # - with fireworks behind the stage during the close of the song;
08/02/03 - IT Festival, Loring Air Force Base, Limestone, ME
Set 1: AC/DC Bag, Ya Mar > Runaway Jim, Reba*, Birds of a Feather, Meatstick **, Two Versions of Me, Vultures, Limb By Limb, Cavern
Set 2: Down With Disease > NICU -> Brother, Lawn Boy, Discern, Waves^, David Bowie
Set 3: Rock & Roll > Seven Below, Scents & Subtle Sounds^^ > Spread It Round, Bug
Encore: Dog Log, The Mango Song
"Set 4": The Tower Jam# !!!!!!
  * with whistling; ** with Japanese lyrics; ^ with ambient jam; ^^ with Seven Below teases. #An all-improvised (and unannounced, though heavily rumored) set from the roof of the old air-traffic control tower, taking place about 2-3am, with special lighting by Chris Kuroda. Featured many teases, accompanied by dancers on rappel lines down the tower's sides.Aug 1-03-HAPPY BIRTHDAY JERRY!
-Presque Isle ME. Just out side the IT festival.
Listening to the IT soundcheck!! What a fucking Awesome Jam!!
Then they played the "After Midnite>Eleanor Rigby>After Midnite" from the 3-8-80 The Stone .
WOW! Starlake was incredible! What an amazing difference a kickdown show can make!I couldn't believe that the girl JZ took to the show made him take her home DURING BROTHER!!!
At first I thought he was kidding , I couldn't accept it for hours." ------------?$#@!?"07/31/03 - Tweeter Center - Camden, New Jersey
Set 1: Llama, Moma Dance, Divided Sky, Dirt, Seven Below, The Sloth, Water in the Sky, Wolfman's Brother, Possum
Set 2: Piper, Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove* -> Free, Friday, Harry Hood
Encore: Frankenstein
  * - with "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" tease;
07/30/03 - Tweeter Center - Camden, New Jersey
Set 1: My Friend My Friend, Lonesome Cowboy Bill, Scents and Subtle Sounds*, You Ain't Goin' Nowhere**, Spock's Brain, Chalkdust Torture***, On Your Way Down, Fast Enough For You, Taste
Set 2: Twist, Bug, You Enjoy Myself, Walls of the Cave
Encore: Secret Smile
  * - 25+ minutes; ** - first time played, Bob Dylan cover (includes the lyric "We'll climb that hill no matter how steep / When we get up to IT"; reports indicate that the performance was closer to the Byrds' well-known rendition of the song than to Dylan's original); *** - very adventurous version;The beginning was so fun! The trance jam out od SS was making my knees buckle like I was on drugs. Might have been sleep deprivation .Good times.
The rare "On your way down" was way unexpected. The Dylan tune was Trey's message to all of us who weren't leaving for IT.
So was the BUG "It dosent matter" is the message we send to the band as a fan base by not leaving for Maine after the blatant message in Starlake "this is the Kick down show , no need to go to Jersey, get your ass to IT "!Walls of the cave is a bitter angry song that has a menacing ascending scale that is predictable and boring. Sorry guys I know you may like this song but its just not floating my boat.
07/29/03 - Post Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake - Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
Set 1: Daniel (Saw the Stone), Camel Walk, Gotta Jibboo, Cool it Down, Scent of a Mule, Fee > Timber (Jerry) > When the Circus Comes, McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters, Golgi Apparatus
Set 2: Crosseyed and Painless > Thunderhead, Brother, Harpua > Bittersweet Motel, Harpua, I Fooled Around and Fell in Love*> Hold Your Head Up > Harpua, David Bowie
Encore: Farmhouse
  * First time played, Elvin Bishop cover w/ Fishman on vocals and vacuum. None of the first nine songs had been played this tour. Daniel had not been performed in the previous 280 shows, Harpua in 167.

WHAT CAN I SAY?"___" Raged with rob, jamie, mikey,and robbie in the taper section.
2nd set was like "Enter the dragon" in the trenches. The farmhouse encore rang true for me and my friends .SOMEHOW it was the most appropriate and healing experience i've had at any phish show. Truly an amazing night.
After the show it seemed perfectly clear that Harpua's message was Phish's desire to stop touring, to take time to love their family's. AND the ENTIRE message was Trey's Zen rock garden with the path cut out for us straight to IT. Unfortunately we were suckered in to going to new jersey. Which in hindsight was a healing experience because of some people I got to see and hug that I haven't talked to in 3 years.
The second day was a total mistake. We should have left after the first show.damn.... : (

We now wait at the Presque Isle Inn for the Humongous amounts of traffic to dissipate.
Which it might not. We have some inside directions from the crew ...we'll see.
JULY 29 2003-JZ"S kitchen -Chillin in PA.We 've been having sooo much fun on Phish tour that I haven't been able to really keep up with the blog on a daily basis. So what I will do is give a quick cliffs notes version of tour so far.
Best shows of tour have been
Utah-amazing show moshing with Rosie and lindsay thanks for the power puff Mark !
1st nite Deer creek with Rob Robbie Paul and Lindsay 3 row page side! WHAT A PARTY!
The YEM from Alpine! SWEEEET!
second set Charlotte best Hood ever!! doin kung fu in the trenches with the kids!
second set of Raleigh, Halley's ,Tube! More kung fu action.OH!! Chris Kuroda changed the light show for Guyute for the first time in 9 years.
Instead of the yellow red, orange, spinning broken glass, it's a tangled web of blue and purple patterns! (actually the light rig is totally different over all)
Its about fucking time! Too bad the song is a total bore. Two versions of me is hurtin. sample still sucks. Walls of the cave is an abomination of forced energy. Totally predictable , ascending power chord scales sang in a angry menacing way isn't really doing it for me. It's well played but its too heavy and angry. sigh.....oh well...We dropped Rosie off at he hotel late nite and i drove all night to Atl where we convinced the manager to comp us the room for the shoddy directions she gave us. Sweet!
Then robbie and lindsay and I drove to JZ 's house in PA and watched videos till dawn. He's got so many killer posters and videos its insane. I haven't slept yet and it's 6:15 in the morning.
I don't know when ill get the chance to enter into the blog again so be patient and thanks for all the e-mails!!

07/27/03, Raleigh, NC Another weird 1st set,sample?ABM?whatever...
then ending with a screaming Llama.
2nd set was the FUNK!!
Kung Fu in the trenches! Tube was BUMPIN!! 4th best set of tour. Phish are the masters of the "Bum you out, blow you up". Granted the Caspian was a nice breather after those 4 jammin tunes,they could spare me that song since they have so many other songs..... I love how the 2001 at the end of the set gives you the feeling and energy of the beginning of the show from so many years of opening sets with it.., classical conditioning at its finest!!!
I really thought they were gonna bust into mikes out of also when they welcomed Mike back. Tonite at Star Lake perhaps.
Set 1: Runaway Jim, Ya Mar, Down With Disease, The Divided Sky, Sample in a Jar, Discern, Anything But Me, Llama
Set 2:
Ghost, Halley's Comet > Seven Below * #, Tube > Prince Caspian > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Fire
Squirming Coil

07/26/03, Atlanta, GA ok 1st set. Guyute is a predictable bore.
2nd set had fast segway into NICU but was still musically usless.The awful cavern fake out into the YEM bail out was decent but not amazing. Mike did an extended bass solo, but did not really waver from the basic base line,IE: YEM FEOM ALPINE. Again Cavern YEM?="Bum you out, blow you up" technique again.
Set 1: Wilson > Cars Trucks Buses, The Wedge, It's Ice, My Mind's Got a Mind of It's Own, Wolfman's Brother, Mexican Cousin, Guyute > Taste
Set 2: Piper > Mist, Waves > Tweezer > NICU* > Cavern > You Enjoy Myself #
Encore: Wading in the Velvet Sea > Tweezer Reprise^
  * Trey called out: " it, Cactus!" # - Instead of the traditional lyrics, Trey said: "Boy...Man...God...IT." for the upcoming festival.

07/25/03, Charlotte, NC - Nightmare of a first set.
! 3rd best of tour!
Set 1: Funky Bitch, Chalkdust Torture, Two Versions of Me, Bathtub Gin, Limb By Limb, Back on the Train, Horn, Golgi Apparatus > Character Zero
Set 2: Drowned > Kung, Twist > Heavy Things, Harry Hood > David Bowie* !!!!!!
Encore: Star Spangled Banner #, Bug
   07/23/03 Deer Creek, IN 1st set is total dribble. Sneakin was a nice surprise in a pile of whatever-
2nd set is petty good.Huge buffalo bill teases in the beginning sets us off!
Then as if to mock us ...Disease.Weird interruption to dedicate song was errie.
Set 1: Scents & Subtle Sounds > Theme from the Bottom, Rift > Sample in a Jar, Sneaking Sally Through the Alley, Billy Breathes, Seven Below, Cavern
Set 2: Down With Disease, Squirming Coil, Makisupa Policeman, Buffalo Bill, Run Like An Antelope*, Thunderhead, Slave to the Traffic Light
Encore: Waste
  * dedicated to Greg. Trey begins song by saying: "Don't let it get you down...""

07/22/03 - Deer Creek, IN
1st set is a total failure because they played Beauty of my dreams in the middle of all that great music. 2nd set amazing up till WOTC. Shoulda jammed out Lizards a little tighter.
Bouncin frankenstein another perfect "Bum you out, blow you up"ANGRY VIBE SHOW.
Set 1: Punch You in the Eye, Beauty of my Dreams, Gumbo, Divided Sky, Boogie On Reggae Woman, Carini > Magilla*, Possum
Set 2: Split Open & Melt > Free > Friday, The Lizards, Walls of the Cave
Encore: Bouncing Around the room >Frankenstein

07/21/03 - Deer Creek, IN -OMG!! One Of Fattest shows, Ive ever seen!! WHAT A PARTY!!!
TRULY A GOOD VIBES SHOW!!3rd row page side!
Set 1: Cities, Runaway Jim, Meat, Water in the Sky, Stash, My Old Home Place, Vultures, Birds of a Feather > Mike's Song > I am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove
Set 2: Suzy Greenberg > Taste > 46 Days > Tweezer > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Limb By Limb > Good Times Bad Times
Encore: Loving Cup> Tweezer Reprise

07/19/03 Alpine Valley, WI -the 1st Leo set was unique and fun but musically useless-
2nd set ROCKED!
THE R-N-R &YEM WAS BUMPIN! "the Caspian>YEM"=perfect "Bum you out, blow you up"
The velvet sea was perfect for getting the hell out of there and into the lot.
Set 1: Sample in a Jar, Reba^, Wilson, Scents & Subtle Sounds, Maze, Driver, NICU* > Ya Mar*, Rocky Top*, Lawn Boy, Julius
Set 2: Piper > Rock and Roll > Seven Below > Prince Caspian, You Enjoy Myself
Encore: Wading in the Velvet Sea

07/18/03 Alpine Valley, WI -Dust in the wind was funny...catapault was strange..
Set 1: Axilla, Rift, Bathtub Gin > Mango Song, Roggae, Discern, I Didn't Know^ > Dust in the Wind^*, David Bowie
Set 2: Down with Disease > Catapult, Bug, Secret Smile, Two Versions of Me, Twist, Character Zero
Encore: Harry Hood

07/17/03 Bonner Springs, KS - WHAT AN AWFUL NIGHTMARE after a 12 hr drive! PUKE.ANGER.blah...
Set 1: Chalkdust Torture, Wolfman's Brother, Maze, Dirt, Pebbels and Marbles, Strange Design, Back on the Train, Divided Sky
Set 2: Tweezer > Makisupa Policeman*, Limb by Limb, Anything But Me, Horn > Waves, Cavern, Run Like an Antelope

Encore: Contact > Tweezer Reprise

07/15/03 W. Valley Amph, UT -

Set 1: AC/DC Bag, Ya Mar, Theme from the Bottom, Saw It Again, Poor Heart, Two Versions of Me, Secret Smile, Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove

Set 2: Mr. Completely* -> Low Rider > Big Black Furry Creature From Mars > Buried Alive -> BBFCFM > Ha Ha Ha > BBFCFM > Mr. Completely > Spread It Round*, Walls of the Cave, Golgi Apparatus, Slave to the Traffic Light
Encore: Sleeping Monkey


07/13/03 Gorge Amphitheater - George WA
Set 1: Runaway Jim, Scents > Subtle Sounds, Axilla, Carini, Dog Faced Boy, Round Room, Halley's Comet*, Guyute*, You Enjoy Myself

Set 2: Llama, Wolfman's Brother > Jesus Just Left Chicago, Seven Below*, Harry Hood, Chalkdust Torture
Encore: First Tube
     * with Mike on electronic bagpipe
Interesting show really jammed out seven below, we danced on the floor near the back .
07/12/03 Gorge Amphitheater - George WA -our first Phish show of the summer, it was so fuckin hot i couldn't stand it.
Set 1: Taste, Mexican Cousin, Stash, NICU, Heavy Things, Mock Song*, Army of One**, Maze

Set 2: Piper, Two Versions of Me*, Tweezer***, Dogs Stole Things, Water in the Sky, Ghost, David Bowie
Encore: Frankenstein, Tweezer Reprise
     * debut; ** first time played by Phish, Vida Blue original; *** DAMN ! They never play Yem and Mikes in the same show, and when they do , they play the sanity.
I predict the Sanity will be played tomorrow in shoreline. Kinda bummed to miss this one
The SBDS will have to do.. sigh....
07/09/03 Shoreline Amphitheater - Mountain View, CA
Set 1: You Enjoy Myself* > Simple, Mist, Chalkdust Torture, Bathtub Gin
Set 2: Boogie On Reggae Woman > AC/DC Bag, Piper, Twist, Scents & Subtle Sounds, Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove
Encore: Loving Cup
07/08/03 Chula Vista, CA
Set 1: Guyute, Horn, My Sweet One, Tweezer, Limb By Limb, Fast Enough For You, Frankie Says, Taste
Set 2: Down With Disease, Vultures, Secret Smile*, Harry Hood, Carini, Discern *, Waste
Encore: Bouncing Around the Room > Tweezer Reprise 7-7-03
- Phoenix, AZ
Soundcheck: Funky Bitch
Set 1: Stash, Sample in a Jar, Billy Breathes, Waves, Spices*, Anything But Me, David Bowie, Dirt, Possum Set 2: Birds of a Feather, Wolfman's Brother, Scents & Subtle Sounds*, TMWSIY > Avenu Malkenu > Walls of the Cave, Prince Caspian
Encore: Character Zero


7-9-03-We had a blast with Amy ,Sonia,Eddie,Jay, Stacey ,Kelly ,Sarah, Craig,Tad, Kevin Charlie,
Amanda. After the shows we went to Amy's house and got real nice. 7-7-03
-3 days at Red Rocks Amphitheater
Lets just say that Red Rocks is a really amazing place. Not the Dead's tightest night, but we still had alot of fun. Me L, jay, dave ,alice amy and eddie kicked it in area 51. The weather was astonishing! Warm winds gusting down the mountain inspired the Weather Report which was my favorite song of the show.
Joel just showed up and we're getting real nice before hitting the lot.

After the show we crossed the streams into the temple of zoool
7-5-03-WOW! is for paddle! what
an amazing day! Colorado rocks!
And tomorrow is THE DEAD AT RED ROCKS!
We went rafting down about 7 miles of the upper Colorado river and it was sooo incredible!
Egg and cheese on a muffin>
Loaded up the truck and headed for the River .
After a quick shuttle we embarked...
Rollin, rollin rollin on a river!"
7-4-03 - We finished up my paperwork and bailed for Brian and Michelle's house . Tad hooked me up with a real nice trade for the Dead poster, and we barbequed till we left for the Vail mountain's. The Lady bus driver wouldn't let Jay on the bus with the Dog, so he walked the mile to where we waited for him to be told he couldn't bring the dog on the Gondola either . We decided to take the ride without him and it was another stupendous display by nature! Just as we were getting ready to leave the mountain, we saw Brian and Kathy so we walked to a small house and watched the bright orange sunset into the mountains.
Once we made it down we took a cab to where we met stacey and we watched the fireworks.Not bad for a little ski town. We had a few drinks afterwards and called it quits. At home we got delirious and faded to sleep.

7-4-03 Happy Independence Day, ya'll! We are now at 9,000 feet which is pretty steep for some Miami kidz. I'm loving it! The total lack of humidity is great. Hopefully J will take us on a little hike trip up the mountain to see some snowcaps. Then later we might catch some fireworks. All of our friends are slowly getting in touch with us and everyone is super hyped for the summer tour. It's so exciting!


Dank Coffee>
Cinnamon buns
encore: bingers>

Vail colorado sunset

7-3-03 We arrived in Vail safe and sound and are now getting ready to relax and eat for three days straight. We started out with this dinner.

DINNER at Joel and jays's house

Crackers and Mozzarella cheese
marinated in chili peppers>
Salad w/ baby spinach>
BBQ portabello mushrooms>
Rotisserie Chicken>

7-2-03-Ill attempt to recap the last few days.
We Left our Cars at Boop's house and rented a car.
The drive cross county was pretty easy(since i only drove 2 hours of it) . After a nice rest stop in Kansas we motored all the way to Colorado. It was sweet to finally arrive at 3:30 in the morning.
& It was amazing to meet the handicapped people our friends care for . I have a whole new perception of them now . Good people. : ) Then Jay came over and we motored to Vail where we're chillin before Red Rocks. Were real excited and its great to see Jay, Joel, Todd & Stacey.
Hey Betty Boop we have tickets for you if you need em : )

St louis

7-1-03-Turtle! Watap bra! Thanks for the heads up !
After eating at the diner i might have to take a nap. (All food combined)
Spinach salad with awful mystery meat encounter.
Returned to sender
Delicious Matzo ball soup!>
turkey special w/coleslaw,russian dressing>
Reubin & swiss w/ slaw>
Water w/ lemon>
The weirdest nachos ever W/ baked beans.
Even with the cheeze-whiz replaced with cheddar, it was a total failure
Dr pepper>
Strawberry and vanilla milk shakefadeawayGotta get some sleep, tomorrows a big day.We hope to be in Co on the 3rd. See you soon Jay!

Robbie, that letter you sent me from michael moore to GWB is hardcore.

- ok maybe one hour of sleep.....

6-29-03-Woke up early (noon), and went to the store for grub where Hansen and Lindsay cooked us an amazing breakfast.
Much love!
After breakfast betty boop was whisked away to the local hospital for some minor repair to an actually infected bug bite to the ankle, no big deal. It looks like it's getting better already.
But were kinda fucked because the AC that Jeep supposedly"fixed" isn't working. : 0. sigh....
Sooooooo we've decided to stay awake all night and leave real early in the morning to get my Jeep in and fixed IMMEDIATELY. brother. Looking forward to chillin with joel and jay in Co.


Homemade egg Mcmuffins w/ cheese>
Canadian bacon>
Scrapple *
Orange juice>
Cinnamon life cereal *

* = first time eaten


Vegetable soup>
String cheese>
Boops killer Guacamole w/tomato & onion>salsa>
Brown rice>
frozen veggie mix>
Cesar salad>
garlic bagle chips>
perrier w/lime
West la fade away>

6-28-03-Wow camden rocked last night ! Me , L ,Chris , Jane , Boop, Amy, Jamie & Jen had so much room to dance in the trenches. We were getting off! I don't think I could ever stand like a penguin in a seat again. What bliss to spin and twirl ,carving out patterns onto a whirring human canvas.
Shakedown was bumping with No2 and I actually did a couple free balloons kicked to us by CW.
I felt naughty.


June 28, 2003
Tweeter Waterfront
Camden, NJ

Set 1:
#Alabama Getaway
#Mama Tried
#Little Red Rooster
#The Race Is On
#Built To Last (Joan)
One More Saturday Night
Set 2:
Drumz> Space>
Playin' In The Band
Greg Osby (sax) comes out
Jam>Eyes of the World>
Spacey Jam>
Mason's Children>
China Doll>
Unbroken Chain
Saint Stephen>
Wm Tell Bridge>
11 tease> Love Supreme Jam>
Ripple> Sugar Magnolia
E: Aiko Aiko

And We Bid You Good Night

"Ben Franklin Bridge, Camden NJ"

6-27-03- With a little luck we'll be able to make it to the show tonight, we've been slacking really bad,
but it's still alot of fun.

Sweeet we made it in ! Just barely on time! I called chris n jane who were already on lot, we asked him to score us 3 tickets and he did! How thoughtful! Thanks chris you rock. We made some decent scratch selling fuck you stickers in jersey and sold a few big pieces. It was nice to escape Camden with out witnessing any police brutality.

The Dead

June 27, 2003
Tweeter Waterfront
Camden, NJ

Set 1:
#Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad (Bob, Willie, Joan)...
#Ramble On Rose (Bob)
Self Defense (Mickey)
Stagger Lee (Bob, Joan, Phil)>
Broken Arrow
@Mexicali Blues...
Cassidy (Bob acoustic then electric)
*with Willie Nelson (he opened)
Set 2:
China Cat>
I Know You Rider
Comes a Time (Joan)>
Weather Report Prelude>
WRS Part 1> Let It Grow>
Bird Song> Jam> Drums>
Space> New Speedway Boogie>
Shakedown Street> Jam>
E: Dancin' In The Streets

Got back to Hansen's and Jane and Chris's house and hooked up the mac and bumped Hearts of fire. o lolly lolly.
Zagaras supermarket for lunch
Chicken salad sandwhich w/ provolone on a baguette w let /tom>
Spring mix salad w/ croutons ,egg bleu cheese, broccoli, cucumber, onions, peppercinnis
with balsamic vinegar and olive oil>
California roll>
Boysenberry spritzer>
Iced tea>
Iced lemon pound cake
6-26-03-OK OK OK it not easy to do this shit from the road, but im finally working out the bugs and dead links so stop bustin my bawlz already. I apologize to every one for leaving you high and dry but I don't have as much access to high speed as id like and im having too much fun to really describe what's goin on, you'll just have to use your imagination or what's left of it .
San pellagrino orange>
Eggplant parm>
Chicken parm>
Fresh mozzarella>
Mescal salad>
French bread w/ balsamic vinegar
AND The Phenster Message Board is up and running again, I will attempt to post something funny or controversial soon.6-26-03
-DAMN! showed up late again! Totally fucked up this time , really would have loved to get in to last nights show. We set up on fake down and did ok. My friend CW said the earth will stop spinning on its axis on august 12, and begin to spin the other way . What an amazing summer to end the world with huh?Schumann Resonance I think its called.
But after the show we bailed to the Cheesequake state park for some freaky free camping in the beautifully dark woods ! It was also Sketchy Joneser-Fest 2003 ! We raged down the slopes laughing our asses off. Made some great trades for the mirrors we made. And got a bad ass glass stealy plate from label.
vegi bean burrito>
very average falafel
iced tea
Rita's Chocolate and black cherry water ice>yum!
Bow tie pasta w/ marinara sauce>
Arugla salad w/ roasted peppers, walnuts, avocado , radish, sprouts,
string beans>
Bubbles...memory loss
Had to bring the Jeep into the shop to fix the AC, and windshield wipers Evan you rock thanks for the help. Boop had Richard call in a hit and we were able to bring it in immediately. Unfortunately when i went to rent a car for the day I realized my licence was expired! FUUUUUUCK! So we went back for Lindsay , she rented the van and we were on our way. Traffic sucked and we missed the whole fucking show. So we parked near fakedown and began to vend anyway. We did pretty well and had alot of fun! the cops were polite and unobtrusive, thank you.
We saw many of our kind kidz from tour and they all have poster money for me,
so my social work for the scene is finally paying off! After a while we loaded up the car and headed home.6-23-03-
scraped our asses out of bed and headed for NY. We grabbed Rosie and landed at Jamie's house for a short visit but the allergies began to kick up and we had to bail for Boops house, which was SUCH A GOOD MOVE. Super comfortable bed and clean . Thanks girl you saved our asses.
Met up with Ev and went out to Sushi dinner Sagami, and then back home and chilled out
Miso soup>
Brown rice>
seaweed salad>
Shrimp vegetable tempura>(no shrimp for me)>
Spicy toro>
Eel avacado/cucumber roll>
Taka Su>
Ikura (salmon roe)>
Red bean ice cream>*
Green tea ice cream
*1st time eatenencore:


June 22, 2003
Tweeter - GrAte Woods
Mansfield, MA

Set 1:
Jam> Minglewood Blues>
Jam> Cold Rain & Snow (P&J)>
Spacey Jam>
*Only The Strange Remain
*Loose Lucy (Steve vocals)
Til the Morning Comes (All)>
Music Never Stopped (No Joan)>
Goin' Down The road Feelin' Bad
Set 2:
Uncle John's Band>
Jam (Joan chanting)>
Lost Sailor>
St. of Circumstance> Jam>
China Doll (Joan)>
Unbroken Chain>
Golden Road>
Viola Lee Blues (v1 & v2)>
Queen Bee (Joan & Bob)>
Viola Lee Blues (v3)> 
Good Lovin'
Donor Rap

Samson & Delilah


We called up Garnet and he told us it was on ,so we hauled ass for bean town and met up with Chris, Abby, and Nab,. We skied like mad down the slopes till it was time to go. We scored tickets on the lot for face and confiscated some dead flag stickers from some rip-off artist. Chris said "Ill pay you for all of them or you can just give them all to us right now" He chose to hand over the bootleg stickers and walk away.
The show was alot of fun for us because we managed to some how all stand and dance together even though our seats were far apart.
Some old guy spun on L wouldn't budge from his seat but he loosened up after I called 3 songs in a row before they played them. He then turned to betty and asked her to ask me what they would go into next,
I said "back into Viola Lee of course!" And it did, and the stick that was up this guys ass dropped to the floor as he began to Mambo to the music.
Show over, I reminded everyone of the permanent clause in the Dead's contract
" Must play Samson and Delilah every sunday"
and there it was in all its glory, Hallelujah!
We then raged the lot for a couple of hours and then cruized home for some well deserved bongrips.
My $40 parking dollar ticket is becoming a ritual for visiting Boston.

Stopped at TraderJoes for a bite
Salad w/ gorgonzola cheeze , walnuts
Balsamic vinegar>
calmatta olives>
Potato chips>
Blue corn chips>
5-layer bean dip>
Large cylinder of Macadamia nut carmel corn
6-20-03-Made bubbles all night and had the most amazing lazy, rainy day, lying in bed, watching TV. AHHHHHH.
peanut butter and jelly>
grilled cheese>
grape w/seltzer
Valerie Its been such a treat to chill with friends on the rainy days of tour . We could be battling the elements in a rainy dead lot right now. Much love.

6-19-03-We had such a great time at Eric and Carrie's house , I love what they've done with the place! Dreamy! Thanks for every thing , the laundry was good clean fun , thank you sooo much guys!

Got to Merriweather and the vibe was so unfriendly that we left the venue and headed for Matts hizouse. We were a FUCKING MESS . It was amazing though , on our retreat we sold a bunch of posters.
Matts place was an amazing wind down from the Vietnam experience at Merriweather .
Had to pull to the side of the road on the drive home. UG.
6-17-03-Landed safely in CVille and got "back where we started.
Good Fortune chinese food
Gen Tso's chicken>
Veggie fried rice spring rolls>
white rice>
fortune cookie

Bonnaroo was a super nifty festival,
with lots of beautiful stratocumulus clouds.

We would just like to thank our crew for making Bonnaroo so much fun! We woke up feeling refreshed today and had some breakfast with Betty Boop and Senior at Cracker Barrel. Blueberry pancakes>
Eggs in a basket>
Eggs over easy and biscuits>
Vegi soup and a turkey club>
encore: Coffee

- BONNAROO DAY 3 Woah what happened??? Is it over?? What a party!
We stumbled around looking for Pu to get my flag back to no avail, so we bailed out to get my car . Unloaded our stuff just in time to catch Benji and Doug leaving their hotel so we got to take a glorious shower,and load up our car. We drove for a couple of hours and realized we were spent so here we are at the super 8 up hotel enjoying some peace and quiet before our drive to Va.6-15-03-BONNAROO DAY 2 The Flaming Lips killed it what a fun band to watch. This video of this guy pulling open his own brain ,grabbing some out and cutting it up with a razor blade and snorting it with a straw.
"DON"T SNORT YOUR OWN BRAIN". A few songs later they busted into Breathe>Us and them>the next day
without ant sleep at all . It was a vending freak out, followed up by a delirious nap and a Dead show. The show was average but i was glad to be there with all my kidz.
After the show we all got promoted to intergalactic dreamtime executives.6-14-03- BONNAROO DAY 1 finally after hitting Dougos hotel after a major detour around manchester We met up with Robbie amanda sonia amy mike and julie and we loaded up the WB and cruised to Bonnnaroo. Traffic was a nightmare but it was pleasant being with all our friends in the RV. Slight irritation at the traffic was experienced by one in our group creating decibels at one point but was quelled by reason an by late night we were set up .
Next day we saw eric and becca, and Pu . Vended a bunch of posters and stickers and caught some music. Neil young. sector 9.
We had a nice blanket on the grass so it was enjoyable.
potato chips>
bite of chicken>
6-11-03-Cary's killer pasta
Pasta W/saute onion, mushroom-appetizer
Tai 99
veggie spring rolls>
tom yum gong>
Pad thai>
yellow curry chicken>
massaman beef curry>
white rice
We stopped at a buddies house, watched movies, had a lolly and crashed on the couch bed.
Got to check out the stylin' plush tour bus we may do summer tour in. That's a nice dream.
We dropped off the Rosie in NYC, Thank you so much for the good times! Then we hauled ass through NJ making a brief stop to chat with the cuz'... After driving in circles we headed for Philly
Stopped at a Wawa.
Turkey Sub>Kozey shack Rice pudding>
BBQ potato chips
encore: cran-grape juice

6-10-03- . The Trey shows were so much fun Burlington rocks!
Got Intergalactic last nite , we love the dreamsters.The Farm is so beautiful its a shame we have to go so soon .We love it here .
scrambled eggs>
fatty's for breakfast.
sorry for the downtime it was a hiccup in the matrix
6-9-03-What a fuckin blast we had at Trey in Burly! These girls KICK IT ROOT DOWN!
we made it back to matts and had an amazing barbeque!
Barbeque chicken>
sweet potatoes>
Spinach salad>
pistachio nuts>
apple cranberry juice>

6-6-03- After a few amazing days of rest and relaxation were ready to throw down in Burlington tomorrow night. T&M are commin up tonite so that's super cool. I realize that my site hasn't been posting for a few weeks now, and I've been trying to fix it . Being on the road- it's not so easy. No Big deal . I do miss the message board though.

6-5-03- Finally a moment to relax! The Adirondack music festival OR
" The at a rained out festival music festival" was fun im so glad we went. Even though it rained alot , we got to see our friends and make some new ones . It was totally worth the effort. The drive to Vt was simple and were unwinding daily in the hot tub on the porch. troy and Meredith should be joining us tomorrow and we'll head up to burlington. Our meals have been home cooked yum!
Sweet potato's>
root beer

6-3-03-Slept all fuckin day it was bliss, thank you so much shawny! We had a blast with you and tree!Chris, tell abbey we missed her and we'll se her soon!
Chinese food(again)
Pork lo mien>
white rice >
won ton soup>
Gen-tzos chicken>
fortune cookie"A new voyage will fill your life with untold memories" How true! encore:
Bong hits and ice cream6-2-03-What an amazing weekend, rain and all, got to see many old friends and hang with some old school kids. Crazy crazy night! Our hotel was the greatest little shack ever ! Genius move.6-1-03
-slept till 5:30 , bailed back to the camp ground to get our car and return the key to the hotel, had lunch, passed out in the ca lindsay drove thanks babe!5-31-03-Day two we drag our selves and bounce around in the rain caught ween and disco biscuits.hey Fab,Danny where'd ya go?5-30-03-first day of the ammf we pulled in and got on the bus to the festival ground and saw Amon tobin , kimock,and sector 9.5-27-03- wow what a show! Warren and Trey dueling it out on stage! That was a long awaited treat!
It really made up for the BB king jam had wit hey in Nj

5-26-03- We awoke at the crack of noon again, tackled the moving the car situation and got a room down town a few blocks from the Hammerstein Ballroom.Its an amazing pain in the ass having a car in this city. Without Rosie's expertise we would be hurtin for certain.