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Winter tour 2003

The LANGERADO music festival
was fun but very hot. We saw Charlie hunter, G-love & special sauce w/Charlie, perpetual groove, and MMW. The festival was really successful for Miami, nice job Ethan!

ONE criticism-
Next time , tell the money nazi's to let us bring unopened water bottles to stand around in 90 degree heat.
Festival water extortion is evil.

RAQ played tobacco road for about 40 people. Great musicians! I like the Zappa covers they do, too bad were gonna miss em tomorrow.

Today's entry is a long overdue "YOU GUYS ROCK!" for Eric and Rosie and Troy. MAD PROPS for making tour so fun and possible. I couldn't have done it it without you guys.Our combined effort made it work
It was very luxurious for this old traveler to have buddies do most of the driving,THANK YOU SO MUCH. It is appreciated and I hope we can do it again.
My Jeep now has close to 275,000 miles ,but its hard to tell since the speedometer and odometer barely ever work. The windshield wipers only operate on high,and the bumper is being held on with bungee cords. The oil sensor light is always on,the rear passenger door doesn't open from the outside and the emergency brake light has a short. The back windows don't roll down and the A/C doesn't work on low. This tour we suffered a flat tire at the very beginning and then had to replace a serpentine belt towards the end. Other than that Jeep RULES.

3-6-03 miami-
Decided on a company logo hope you like it.
For the Nassau discs, if you remove the Hood you can glue disks 2 and 3 together pretty nicely.The TWEEZER>MAKISUPA>BOWIE IS AWESOME!


Longest musical performance this tour 27:08 Tweezer from Nassau
Second longest is the 26:52 Bathtub Gin from Cinci, because Trey repeated the bathtub lick over and over and over and over again.

Shortest song not including catapult ,carolina oh ke pa, is the 2:41 My Sweet One in LA.

Bowie was assaulted three times each gratefully delving into the over 17 min"JAM ZONE".

You Enjoy Myself
was played 3 times 22:47min Denver, 24:00min Worcester,& 25min in Greensboro
Each one longer than the next.Lets hope this trend continues.

The three versions of Free never breached the 10 minute mark

3-3-03- Miami It was so much fun so see all my old friends again, that was the best part of doing the tour.
Besides the new songs which are pretty damn good
The bust-outs were fun but few. & since Bowie is my favorite song, I was psyched to catch it at half the shows.
I really enjoy the music but im irked by many of the "fans",especially the ones who bust out glow sticks during divided sky and toss them like lawn darts at Trey.
You fucking imbeciles.

3-3-03- Miami
Finally made it home to the sunny southern weather. I can't believe how beautiful the weather is here.
If only I liked crappy club music and budweiser i'd be psyched.

Wow what a night!Thank you Neil and Marissa for hookin it up so right!
03/01/03 Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC
Chalk Dust Torture 9:27 
Moma Dance 9:49 
Foam 11:04 
Lawn Boy 3:01 
Character Zero 7:35 
The Divided Sky 17:43 
Mountains In The Mist 7:26 
Waves 9:09 
Sample in a Jar 6:11 
Rock and Roll 12:03 
Wilson 5:40 
Piper 17:01 
2001 8:01 
Wolfman's Brother 8:50 
Boogie On Reggae Woman 5:36 
Wading in the Velvet Sea 7:44 
Run Like an Antelope 14:13 
Carolina 2:02 
First Tube 9:09 
You Enjoy Myself 21:51 
Proud Mary 3:10 

Phish, Thank you for a great tour . It was nice to forget about the worlds problems for a few precious weeks.The lights during the proud mary vocal jam were amazing!
17 min Piper???! it will take a while to digest that jam fest. where did i go? We all raged in the 240 section cuz when we first got there, the sound down stairs was awful. Hugged the rail for a few and then eventually settled in.The 1st tube was huge and the YEM that ensued was crucial! there were super bad teases>another one bites the dust>a santana jam>proud mary. Chris was carving out rainbow circles out of the crowd during the vocal jam. SICK.
The limo ride home was sooo fun ! Pimpin the Beastie boys all the way,whiskey and tequila shots goin down smooth.

Please Please stop throwing glow sticks at Trey, he's a guitar player not a catcher or an organ grinder monkey.We should be screaming our heads off during Divided Sky,not using Trey as a catching mitt.

Feb 28 2003 finally a good nights sleep! Troy&Meredith you rock! We hauled ass to mikes and almost picked robbie up at the airport, but he called us a minute too late. But we met him at the venue early and he got a ticket, so, we hit fakedown and made some nice loot. Matt helped us sell about 100 posters! Everybody made some scratch that nite.
02/28/03 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
Birds of a Feather 8:49 
Destiny Unbound 7:21 
Horn 3:39 
Bathtub Gin 21:42 
Sleep 2:18 
Back on the Train 12:30 
Bouncing Around the Room 4:14 
Walls Of The Cave 14:44 

Tweezer 27:08 
Soul Shakedown Party 8:16 
David Bowie 19:02 
Round Room 7:17 
Harry Hood 15:14 
Contact 7:41 
Mexican Cousin 5:05 
tweezer reprise

Feb 27 2003
-We just got to Troy and Meredith house and its wonderful to be here. Were gonna got to Foxy's but were tired. So were gonna enjoy a home cooked meal.Quite the treat from the road.
Chicken cacciatore>Yum!

Feb26 2003 its late and were winding down until the drive to Worcester at the holiday inn. Real nice. The drive to Worcester was tedious. But once we got there i met up with Max, and Brian.Max scored a ticket last minute and Brian met me at will call . THE LINE TO GET IN WAS REDICILIOUS.

2/26/03 Phish Worcester

You Enjoy Myself (24:21)
Clone (4:26)
Roggae (9:13)
Drifting (9:20)
Blue Skies (2:55)
Moma Dance (14:26)
First Flight (4:27)
Maze (16:34)
Stash (20:04)
Ghost> (14:54)
Low Rider> (2:20)
Makisupa Policeman> (3:52)
Ya Mar (8:34)
Guyute (10:03)
Waves> (9:30)
Prince Caspian> (7:08)
Frankenstein> (5:10)
Golgi Apparatus (5:19)
Loving Cup (11:52)

Snuck down to the floor with Brian and got sweet seats behind the tapers section, lots of room.

The first set was HUGE Clone? funny stuff. Trey was still talkin about the cinci fire in Makisupa.
The Maze did structural damage to the roof.

Feb 25 2003-
Rolled in kinda early, shmoozed onto the floor for 1st set and battled the crowd . Finally i worked my way back to the taper section.
2/25/03 First Union Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA
Julius (9:27)
Talk (3:05)
46 Days (9:25)
Taste (12:42)
Frankie Says (5:31)
Slave to the Traffic Light (14:22)
Water in the Sky (5:41)
Walls Of The Cave (19:26)

AC/DC Bag (13:16)
Cities (8:16)
Theme from the Bottom (16:38)
Runaway Jim (10:47)
Thunderhead (5:38)
Sparkle (5:05)
Pebbles and Marbles (13:13)
The Squirming Coil (8:56)
Character Zero (9:16)

Talk?! coool.The intro to ACDC Bag was different . More "What's the Use?" jams in the middle of Taste. The relation of friends being a string of pearls being released from the clasp and "Pebbles and Marbles" has interesting similarities in symbolism. Its great to see all these songs for the first time since they've been back.
The Jam out of Bottom was ragin! Treys solo in THE SQUIRMING COIL WAS FLAWLESS

Feb 24 2003-

02/24/03 Continental Airlines (formerly Meadowlands, then Brendan Byrne) Arena - East Rutherford, NJ
Down with Disease (15:01)
Corinna (6:05)
Wolfman's Brother (10:05)

Limb By Limb (10:00)
Every Day (I Have The Blues)* (24:56)
Thrill Is Gone* (18:18)
Rock Me Baby* (12:37)
* with B.B. King

Halley's Comet (14:20)
Harry Hood (13:35)
Heavy Things (7:23)
Twist (18:57)
All of These Dreams (4:55)
Waves (8:28)
Sample in a Jar (4:53)
Chalk Dust Torture (9:46)

Farmhouse (7:06)

Lets leave it at that. After wards we hit the Holiday inn for a minute then went to Sarges again
Matzoth ball soup>

hot chocolate
We partied for a while but eventually left and discovered that my belt on my car needed repair, so no sleep we got the car to a jeep dealer and got it fixed,

Feb 23 2003
Woke up rough and drove to new jersey.i remember nothing.We stayed at Bens house. he's got a huge picture of Neil as and Mike . We made a quick jaunt to rosies house and went back to pick up eric.
Went and picked up a couple of tickets from mikey

Feb 22 2003- Woke up and pillaged the buffet behind the glass. The lady was commenting on how some kid made a huge mess by exploding a soda .Since Rosie was there and not fessing up to it i busted his balls "jeez what a coward "kids today. we rolled out extra styly, and shmoozed a spot on the floor next to sam .
Phish Cinci
Feb 22 2003
The Sloth (4:44)
Dogs Stole Things (4:31)
Piper (12:36)
Weekapaug Groove (8:27)
Dirt (4:53)
Scent of a Mule (9:27)
Walls Of The Cave (21:09)
Mountains In The Mist (6:53)
Sample in a Jar (5:55)

Tube (11:31)
Bathtub Gin (26:52)
Friday (8:14)
David Bowie (18:28)
Bug (9:32)
Suzy Greenberg (9:13)

The jam out of Bathtub was amazing! TUBE>Jam!!! SIIICK! We even enjoyed Dirt .Well done. Scent was amusing /pointless at best..Walls is soo scary.Mtns was Sweeet. Sample some times spanks me but tonite it hit home.
Woke up crispy after a good nights sleep and bolted for cincinasty.RAIN.
We're psyched to have a hotel near the venue. Last nite it was such a fuckin FIASCO getting into the Radisson after the show without a key & they closed the hotel bar, it just dosent make sense.
When I listen to the radio, I ALWAYS imagine Phish playing the song live.
Our hotel is AWESOME!!!!Were on the 21st floor and you need a special key to get up to the top where there's free food and drinks and a lounge to chill in .
delicious chicken >
cheese cake
cheeses and crackers.

Were going there for breakfast at 6am. Groggy.eyes hurt.
2/21/03 Cincinnati, OH

Wilson> (6:26)
Frankenstein (5:30)
Down with Disease (18:04)
Lifeboy (9:04)
Boogie On Reggae Woman (6:47)
Run Like an Antelope (15:01)
I Didn't Know (4:53)

Mike's Song> (15:20)
Free> (8:53)
Waste> (8:00)
2001> (10:34)
Harry Hood (17:30)
All of These Dreams (4:23)
Possum> (10:48)
Cavern (6:36)
Wading in the Velvet Sea (8:59)

Finally! they kicked it DOWN! Best show of the tour. I saw BJ and Marissa and Beast on the floor.Then moved to the 10th row center, the sweet spot. Kicked it with Sam ,kelly and the larson's.
What a huge difference the floor makes! The stash jams in the mikes were wicked. The "after show" was insulting to my intelligence .Huddled down in the dungeon like prisoners of war, silent and thirsty.
The free was 7:30 AGAIN! Id really like to see them jam that one out a little longer. They've reworked a couple of songs too, Disease is a little different now and llama and horn and guyute are in heavy rotation.This show there was only one new song the entire show.Lifeboy was a kick down and Velvet Sea was well done.Trey and Page looked pretty wasted when they came up for the I didn't know , and at the end of the show Trey was rock starring out, pointing his guitar like a gun at Page , who looked like he was thinking "Get your fucking guitar outta my face bitch".The energy inside was the best so far.We got the wave going before the show

Feb 20 2003
Jay was hung over as hell, drove us to the airport where we changed to an earlier flight.We all had had our own row in the back of the 777 Ahhhhhhhh 2hrs of glorious sleeeeeeeep
Landed at O'Hare and took the train to Guido's. What a treat it was to unwind here with Mike! We went for a killer Italian lunch at:
Linguine w/garlic oil sauce
w/broccoli and red peppers.>
House salad.
diet coke
Then got fuckin WASTED and took the train
to the Rosemont with Eric ,Guido and Beast. An easy ride in, we grabbed a cab and headed to the radisson across the street from the venue. Finally got everyone and hit the show.
Phish Feb 20 2003
The 10 year anniversary of the Roxy ATL Ga.

02/20/2003* Allstate Arena - Rosemont, IL
Rift (6:36)
Rock and Roll (10:17)
Guyute (10:25) Llama 5:36 
Wolfman's Brother 15:03 
Reba 15:42 
Life on Mars? 3:45 
46 Days 7:21 
It's Ice 7:33 
Frankie Says 5:01 
Run Like an Antelope 12:34 

Tweezer> (20:48)
Punch You in the Eye> (7:47)
Fast Enough for You (8:13)
Seven Below (22:14)
Pebbles and Marbles (16:58)
Golgi Apparatus (5:04)
Anything But Me (5:16)
Tweezer Reprise

After the show we cruized home on the train, the walk from the station was freezing cold but help was on the way.We settled in nicely to the backs of our eyelids.

Feb 19 2003 Denver-

French toast>
Breakfast Banana split>
Cheese Omlette.
Jay woke up and we headed for Vail. Our first stop, some supermarket. It was "Welcome to the machine" for the next two hours, by the time we got to cliffs i was so zooted i could barely stand it. After a while we headed to Stacy's bar had kahula and coffee. l was getting nauseous from everyodys cigarette smoke.
What an awful disgusting habit. We finally made it back to Jay and Joel's house where we battled sleep till dawn.

Feb 18 2003 We OVER SLEPT by an hour so we hauled ass to to the airport and luckily caught the next flight out to denver. I tossed my stash in the trash on the way in to the airport. DOH!
Jay Birds friends Ian picked us up in Denver , we got nice on the way and arrived at the venue
where we chilled at the local bar Brooklyn's . Ran into Robbie, Amanda, Craig, Misha,Elizabeth.
Limped inside the show.
Phish feb 18 2003 pepsi arena ,Denver

Runaway Jim (9:34)
Water in the Sky (5:22)
Twist (9:19)
The Squirming Coil (7:21)
Brian and Robert (3:42)
Stash (12:40)
The Wedge (4:47)
Birds of a Feather (8:42)
Lawn Boy (3:07)
Walls Of The Cave (16:54)

Moma Dance (12:03)
Limb By Limb (13:42)
Thunderhead (5:42)
The Divided Sky (15:25)
Carini (9:05)
You Enjoy Myself (22:47)
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (2:26)
NICU (5:37)
Mexican Cousin (4:51)

Feb 17 2003-total blank%%#@!

Feb 16 2003 Still up, from the crazy night , Eric saunters in at noon after a hectic taxi ride. No reason to sleep now. Kelly made us delicious power smoothies which gave me the energy to carry on. We hooked the mac to the tv and watched a movie till I faded hard. Well rested, we cruized to sushi dinner
Samon roll>
seaweed salad>
Phish Feb 16 2003
Thomas and Mack Las Vegas
David Bowie -> (18:31)
Catapult -> (0:33)
David Bowie (3:08)
Horn (3:53)
Guyute (10:30)
Round Room (12:22)
Golden Lady -> (4:35)
Poor Heart (2:55)
Pebbles and Marbles (11:55)

Down With Disease -> (11:22)
Seven Below -> (9:32)
Down with Disease -> (2:24)
Anything But Me -> (6:27)
Piper -> (21:58)
Makisupa Policeman (4:17)
Character Zero (10:39)

Friday (8:16)

Packed up our gear and checked it into the Mandalay Bay hotel bag check. An awesome way to stash your bags in Vegas if your in a hurry or don't have a room. We rolled right in to the show no problem,and bumped into Marissa who showed us the way to BJ's and Bens sky box. What a fuckin party! We RAGED that box hard! We should rent those boxes more often, it was the perfect way to hang with all our friends at the show.
Phish Feb 15 Thomas and Mack Las Vegas
Set 1
Llama 5:36 
Wolfman's Brother 15:03 
Reba 15:42 
Life on Mars? 3:45 
46 Days 7:21 
It's Ice 7:33 
Frankie Says 5:01 
Run Like an Antelope 12:34 

Waves 11:12 
Bug 8:24 
Ghost 18:35 
Free 6:59 
Harry Hood 19:42 
Sample in a Jar 5:48 

Afterwards it was the incredibly stupid walk(AGAIN! WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT??) from the Thomas and Mack to the Luxor where we raged till dawn, its all kind of a blurr.Last stop was the Golden Nugget, Ames had a fatty suite so we continued the party there .We ordered some killer room service.
Grilled cheese W/ Tomato soup
Chicken salad on rye w/ swiss
fruit & brie plate.

Then we got real nice and watched the Wizard of Floyd. Eric went to Fremont street and took pictures of the lights while I slept.
Feb 15 2003
The flight from chicago was easy, Luke and ash picked us up and we sailed home.
Got to Luke's and chilled for a bit . Hooked the mac to the big screen TV, itunes looks Sweeet!
We all got hungry and went to Tommy Rockers featuring the Ivar's clam chowder, the Ivar's stands for "loaded with bacon".
rack o ribs>
steak sandwich>
onion rings>
mashed potatoes>
nice garden salad w/blue cheese dressing

The it was off to the Luxor to see some friends, who bought all the t-shirts! We gambled a bit, im down 75$.
We all had a bet who would call the songs in LA. I actually picked My Sweet One to open. : )
Woke up on the floor of the luxor at 7am Eric was just getting in, "dood lets go Luke will be here in a minute" went to breakfast at the Original pancake house.
French toast>
scrambled eggs /diced ham and swiss>
spinach crepe>

Feb 14 2003 -We went hiking in the Red Rock canyon about a 30 minute drive out side the city.
We brought the dogs with us and went for a huge hike up the Canyon where I was took some really sweet pictures. Unfortunately I had a NASTY encounter with a pear cactus(Right)Several poisonous spines impaled my Achilles tendon and it was all over.
WOW! Talk about some pain!The next day the shit swelled up and turned purple. It was a Nightmare. Its been a few days and the pain has subsided a bit, but eventually I believe I will have to go to the hospital and have it X-rayed to remove some small pieces of cactus from my leg. it was still a good experience. I'll definitely watch my ass next time.

Phish Valentines day
2/14/03 Great Western Forum - L.A., CA

My Sweet One 2:41 
Cover of the Rolling Stone 3:04 
Chalk Dust Torture 9:54 
Fee 10:54 
Taste 11:08 
Bathtub Gin 19:57 
Heavy Things 6:17 
Golgi Apparatus 5:09 

Possum 12:02 
Walls Of The Cave 23:13 
Carini 6:21 
All of These Dreams 4:29 
Limb By Limb 9:06 
The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony 1:49 
AC/DC Bag 11:33 
Prince Caspian 9:02 
Loving Cup 8:25 




Well they say time loves a hero
but only time will tell
If he's real, he's a legend from heaven
If he ain't he was sent here from hell

Hear me well
Seein' ain't always believin'
Just make sure it's the truth that you're seein'
Eyes sometimes lie, eyes sometimes lie
They can be real deceivin'

I got an Uncle in Puerto Rico
Spends his days in the sun
his nights in the casinos
He left the States many years ago
Took a fishin' boat to Puerto Rico
Now my aunt, she is sad and lonely
She'll never know that she drove him away
As a coward I admire his courageous ways

posters & shirts!

Well they say time loves a hero
but only time will tell
If he's real, he's a legend from heaven
If he ain't he;s a mouth piece from hell

Some say my uncle, that he's a zero
His life is as a shell, he left it back at Stateside
I'd say he's doin' pretty well, without his shell
Bumming 'round the beaches of Puerto Rico

The beauty of the sunrise and sunset
To his friends he wish he could tell
They're at home still runnin' for bells
Better San Juan than that blue collar hell
Well they say time loves a hero
but only time will tell
If he's real, he's a legend from heaven
If he ain't he was sent here from hell

Set 1 (1:10): Piper, Guyute > NICU, Horn, Wilson*, Mound, Squirming Coil, David Bowie

Set 2 (1:06): Waves -> Divided Sky, Lawn Boy, Carini, Rift, Harry Hood, Character Zer0

Set 3 (1:03) Sample in a Jar, Seven Below** -> Auld Lang Syne*** > Runaway Jim -> Time Loves a Hero, Taste, Strange Design, Walls of the Cave
Encore (0:08): Wading in the Velvet Sea

We had

A couple of times I experienced this white light shining in my face till it became
so brilliant that it was HOT. So hot that i thought there was a lit flame in my face while my eyes were closed , or kinda like my shirt had burst into flames. Almost startled, I went to extinguish my self only to realize I was the hot white light. Good times , good times.

We all arrived in a huge group about 15 of us and we took over a section we liked and RAGED!
"Blap boom ba bibby boom bibby boom!"-Tom Hanks?

The last song walls of the cave is NASTY NASTY NASTY. I actually took a seat
because it got soooooo fuckin crazy, towards the end i was thrown for a loop as I began to hear Trey sing in a spooky ass voice
"listen to the silent
WOAH- that shit started to bug me out dood! the music was all dark and menacing,

I thought when sang and played in that angry tone, it was a pretty bleak message.
BUT! Today i was relieved to read the actual lyrics---

Anyway it was real nice to see all my old school friends again.

we partied till 7 in the mornin then faded to itunes...

JAN 1 2003!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scraped our asses outta bed and motored all the way to the
Hampton Mothership.

Actually Lindsay drove most of the way,you rock babe .


1/2/03 Hampton Coliseum - Hampton, Virginia
Set 1 (1:31): Chalkdust Torture*, Bathtub Gin, It's Ice**, Back on the Train, Round Room***, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Stash, Water in the Sky, Character Zero
Set 2 (1:12): 46 Days -> Simple# -> My Friend My Friend, Limb by Limb, Thunderhead##, Run Like an Antelope###, Cavern
Encore (0:05): Mexican Cousin^
chalkdust had a great jam ata the end,bathtub gin was fun.its ice needed more freak in the middle , train what ever..blah blah
blah blah antelope.
Garagatois- Omni hotel

1/3/03 Hampton Coliseum - Hampton, Virginia
Set 1 (1:15): Tweezer -> Theme From the Bottom, Foam, Pebbles and Marbles*, You Enjoy Myself**
Set 2 (1:11): Birds of a Feather, Wolfman's Brother, Makisupa Policeman***, Axilla, Twist -> Free, All of These Dreams#, Possum##
Encore (0:08): Contact###, Tweezer Reprise

Hilarious! Pebbles and marbles is basically down with disease, but better. The accidental YEM?! FUNNY STUFF, the bass line hasn't changed much but is still bumpin.
Ran into Abbey and Chris cookin food after the show, they hizooked us up with

2 veggie Quesedias
burnt chili

The Contact>TR was my fave.
Sold a bunch of posters and rolled back to the Omni.

Garagatois- Omni hotel-2;30am-
boogied down upstairs with pat and melia and rick , fun groove up there.What a great fuckin band!!
We had a late late nite.

1/4/03 Hampton Coliseum - Hampton, Virginia
Set 1 (1:13): Llama, Boogie On Reggae Woman, Roggae, Maze, Anything But Me*, Ya Mar, Saw it Again, Bouncing Around the Room, Split Open and Melt
Set 2 (1:17): Rock and Roll, Mike's Song -> Mist, Weekapaug Groove -> What's the Use -> Down with Disease -> Fast Enough for You, Also Sprach Zarathustra**
Encore (0:10): Friday
Jan 4 2003

Notice that the word "time" and the theme of time
is in almost every song??? Especially the songs from nyc and hampton! Not to mention increments of time....
Its probably been the main theme of their music since the beginning.

Trapped in time and i don't know what to do-
Waiting for the time when i can finally say-
Every time you turn on the raido there wasn't nothin goin down at all.
If time were only part of the equation-
They came up from the valley , both sides at a time-
That time then ,once again im bouncin round the room -
Time loves ahero, but only time will tell-
Time time time for the last rewind-
By the time he came home he was 17-
Time in the forest to dig under rocks-
it took me a long time to get back on the train
To bide my time and take it slow
The simple smiles and good times seem all wrong
Time to put your, money where your mouth is.
The time is near the missions clear,its later than you think
Time doesn't wait for me, it keeps on rollin-
Some one else will set your clocks
When a week is a minute, an hour a day
Sand-flowing through the hourglass
It happens all the time!, we beat Okemo.
I don't care about the time, its your time that i waste not mine
Come waste your time with me
Vultures moving in time
Time for the meatstick, bury the mea stick, take out the meatsticktime
Its a high time that you found.The same dudes you misused on your up....you might meet up ,on your way down.
Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day.
Remember all the times, in the pond?
In a minute ill be free
Look at me, the time stands still..

Happy Birthday Meredith!!
Sickest show of the hampton run. Raged with eric ,Melanie ,lindsay on the rail , Sooo bumpin!
I love "What's the use?".This one was like a reprise after the huge WTU jam from NYE! !
Afterwards we RAGED the lot, sold almost all the shirts and a huge stack of fuck you stickers.
After a COLD walk back to the red roof we jetted with troy and Meredith to the Omni, they went to particle , we were too exhausted once we sat down so we just chilled at the room with some friends . Even did some late nite gas hehehe .
Homemade grilled cheese>
banana nectar

January 5 2003-Charlottesville Va.
After a little cruise west on 64 we made it to our buddies, and were unwinding after an onslaught of nonstop partying and dancing. Hampton was soooo much fun! What a great way to start off the tour. We made a bunch of new friends and sold all the shirts.

Jan 6 2003
-Charlottesville Va.
What a classic day, Dinner and a movie.
Thai food-
Volcano Chicken>
Tofu Curry>
White rice>
Homemade ginger spice tea
Delicious meal but a little too spicy.

Me , L , Eric and Virginia barely made it right on time to see,
Catch me if you can-A pretty good movie, based on a true story. I wont blow it for ya.
Later that nite we ventured to the
The Bistro
-The place was full of local kidz unwinding from the last few daze.
Where Scott made us a a delicious
Brie & fruit plate>
Kaluha & coffee>
Raspberry beer>
shot of Tequila>
Diet coke & makers mark

and we enjoyed the musical styling's of

Max Collins- Who raged it just for us
Don't get too close to my fantasy (Ween)
South Enough
Sound of the stream>
Patience (G N R)

white freightliner
Welcome to the machine>
Bird song>
Bird song
The whitesnake
Have mercy
Mexacali Blues
Blue indian
Harry Hood
What a great time, After the show we happened to stumble onto our friend Innis being harassed
by the local fuzz. He was waiting for the breathalyzer test.
Perfect timing! Virginia told the officer that we lived near by and that we could take him home.
After a few very tense moments the kind officer let him go and we celebrated by pulling tubes.

Jan 7 2003-
Charlottesville Va.
Lindsay woke up ill. Fever, sore throat, no fun.
Grilled cheese
Split pea soup>
Hot chocolate>
Chips Ahoy.
I was thinking about the experience i had during new years. I was thinking about my friends and relationships, and I was able to see the invisible bonds of karma that attract us to one another . All of our experiences , suffering and joy; culminating in an invisible,unspoken understanding between human beings. Things you don't know,or may never talk about, childhood experiences and day to day reality that shape who you are and how you relate to the world and the people around you. I could actually see and understand the invisible bonds that are common experiences and common likes and dislikes of all the people I know. I could see the chain of events that lead certain people to gravitate towards one another to have children.The Cosmic wheel of life and death,collapsing in on its self, in an attempt to ease its suffering.

Jan 8 2003,
Charlottesville Va.
still ill.
Feeling a little better,spinnin down the sound boards from Hampton and NYE. They sound awesome! If you drop the disease and add disk 3 to disk 2, the mikes goes right into what's the use, so we sewed the songs together, PERFECT.We finally got hungry..
Griers restaurant, Liquid
Pina colada smoothie>

Veggie chili W/cornbread-YUM!>
Oreo cookies>
Hot tea
Jan 9 2003
Charlottesville Va.
Leaving town we stopped for breakfast
Hangin w\ Eric and the C-ville crew is always a pleasure.
The Blue Moon Cafe-
Veggie omlete>
Cinnamon French toast>
Home fries>
Sourdough toast>
Egg sandwich>
Green tea>
great coffee
It was a short yet trafficy drive to NC. Neil and Marissa were chillin, we spun them some sbds and later on we hit The Lounge, a persian opium den like little bar with musical instruments set up on a stage with people jamming. Too many people for us to jam so after a Fresh Pineapple and rum we bailed home and listened to jazz till 4am.
Jan 10 2003 NC-
Woke up to the delightful sounds of classical piano being jammed out down stairs by Neil. What a magical way to start the day. We were hungry so we went to this place called
Fosters market.
Thai chicken w/peanut sauce wrap>
Black bean cheddar, pepper wrap>
Greek grilled cheese Wrap>
san pelligrino sparkling water
Jan 11 2003-
driving home the road offers little vegetarian delights
Taco bell twice-bean tacos
Subway twice-cheese /tuna sub
Jan 12 2003
Since I've been home I've had quite a few job offers for web design. Still need to print out some posters and matt them.
Were watching the simpsons-
- Homer Simpson's email is chunkylover53@aol.com
Brussel sprouts>
white rice>
Tilapia fish yum!

Tomorrow is going to be a super busy day.
Jan 13 2003 FL-Paperwork done, im getting antsy for the upcoming tour. Soooo much to do ,
ACDC BAG>whatever

Jan 14 2003 FL
I heard Phish is going to sell downloads of the shows from now on?!
Its cheaper to buy the download than it is to tape !
Now people can enjoy their lives without having to bust their ass to get a good copy of the show. No more taper elitism. Its fucking GENIUS. Ill buy a download every day just so i don't have to lug taping gear around. Thank you.
Wendel and his posse came back from Costa Rica today, grungy and beaming from the fun they had.They packed up their gear and headed home after jump starting their van. It'll be fun to visit those guys and silkscreen some shirts.
Jan 15 2003-
Woke up early drove L to the Metro.Decided to make the best of it, and ran errands all day.
Need to make planz to fly to vegas. The long drives to denver from vegas is similar to the drive to UTAH in 98. Phish loves to kick it down when nobody shows up, or the shows with no hype.
Like Phoenix after vegas 00-sick show-My call?













Jan 17 2003-

I made my first paycheck today doing some digital video effects and editing and putting it to disk. I love the G4.Thank you steve jobbs.
Anyway we won tickets for MMW on southbeach this sunday. It should be pretty sweet.Thanks for the hot tip Ash!The weather has been awesome they should really enjoy playing here.

I've been slowly updating my music list


Jan 19 2003-Tonite is MMW at the Billboard live club. Haven't seen a good band in south florida since phish played the cameo theater in 1993! The club is right on south beach, its a fancy bar too with three levels, and video screens. We'll head down early and have dinner on the beach before the show to avoid the parking nightmare. Or jesse can pick me up and we can park at 22nd st.
2 bowls of Super Dank Homemade Yellow Split Pea Soup>
buttered rye toast
The MMW show was good! Dracula>whatever>and the encore wasn't crosstown traffic or bubblehouse! hooray! We all walked to san loco taco afterward where we had a midnite snack.
Queso loco bean taco>YUM!
sm Vegetarianan chili in a corn taco cup>
cappuccino shake.