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is your favorite letter. P stands for ;Pouring rain ,Panties ,Phenster,
Phish, Phil, party, porn, positive, presents, pets, paradise, please, people, pot, puff, plants, psychedelic, pipe, polite, passion, play, peaches, pimp, pleasant, Poster (nutbag), praise, perfect , pebbles, physical, PYITE, practical, puppies, pills, persuasion, paid, precise, pharmies, performance, pizza, pecans, panic, park, plush, promise , poppy, parrot, patience, pause, powerful ,potato pankake, Pennsylvania, presto, pleased, protected, peacock, planet, pasture, popular, philanthropy, professional, pristine, possum, pampered, pickle, piss, Philly, puddled, princess, prince & peace, pre-9/11 and it has a penis and a pussy. What more could you ask of a letter?

6-16-03-The Flaming Lips killed it what a fun band to watch. This video of tis guy pulling open his own brain ,grabbing some out and cutting it up with a razor blade and snorting it with a straw."

6-14-03-finally after hitting Dougos hotel after a major detour around manchester we loaded up the WB and cruized to bonaroo. Traffic was a nightmare but it was plesant being with all our friends in the RV. Slight irritation at the traffic was experienced by one in our group creating decibles at one point but was quelled by reason an by late night we were set up .
Next day we saw eric and becca, and Pu . Vended a bunch of posters and stickers and caught some music. Neil young. sector 9.
We had a snice blanket on the grass so it was enjoyable.
potato chips>
bite of chicken>


6-11-03-Cary's killer pasta
Pasta W/sauted onion, mushroom-appetizer
Tai 99
vegi spring rolls
tom yum goong
Phad thai>
yellow curry chicken>
massaman beef curry>
white rice
We stopped at a buddies house, watched movies, licked our lollipops and crashed on the couch bed.
Got to check out the stylin' plush tour bus we may do summer tour in. That's a nice dream.

We dropped off the Rosie in NYC, Thank you so much for the good times! Then we hauled ass through NJ making a brief stop to chat with the cuz'... After driving in circles we headed for Philly
Stopped at a Wawa.
Turkey Sub>
Kozey shack Rice pudding>
BBQ potato chips
encore: cran-grape juice

6-10-03- . The Trey shows were so much fun Burlington rocks!
Got Intergalactic last nite , we love the dreamsters.The Farm is so beautiful its a shame we have to go so soon .We love it here .
scrambled eggs>
fattys for breakfast.

sorry for the downtime it was a hiccup in the matrix

What a fuckin blast we had at Trey in Burly! These girls KICK IT ROOT DOWN!
we made it back to matts and had an amazing barbeque!

Barbrque chicken>
sweet potatoes>

Spinach salad>
pistachio nuts>
apple cranberry juice>

6-6-03- After a few amazing days of rest and relaxation were ready to throw down in Burlington tomorrow night. T&M are commin up tonite so thats super cool. I realize that my site hasen't been posting for a few weeks now, and ive been trying to fix it . Being on the road- it's not so easy. No Big deal . I do miss the message board though. I really pissed off some people on some poster message board by admitting that I am anti-official-merchandise because most of it is cheezy-unpsychedellic crap and id rather support the lot art scene than dash off to the dry goods counter and snatch up all the pollock posters i can buy to resell them to rich schmucks on Ebay.(This is my own reality tunnel of an opinion),I have some collector friends who intensly disagree with me because the buying and reselling of posters is WHAT THEY DO for a living.
I AM NOT KNOCKING THIS as a job or a hobby.
More power to you.
Its redundant for me to explain.

I simply relish the phenomonon of unified tribal energy. We are the motivating factor for a good show.
Our focus as an audience guides the energy of the scene. Id like to think the focus is more on the music rather than $$$ and the art is a delicious after thought.
" But Noah you sell art!"
True- but I also attend every show, I enjoy the scene , and if you know me , you know Im making the art weather its going to sell or not. I enjoy it that much.
After devoting 11 years to the music scene I realized I had neglected my education. But I had learned a few things about computers and created hundreds of designs and ideas.
So Im switching gears and evolving to web design / digital production for now, while allowing my past years of devotion to the scene to float me by with all the paper goods I printed years ago, plus a few dazzling nuggets of recent inspiration. This is an awesome way to pay for all the live music I want to hear, by vending products of love I designed, while developing my design skills on the road on my Mac. Thank you Steve Jobbs! Thank you JR!

6-5-03- Finally a moment to relax! The Adrondack music festival was fun im so glad we went. Even though it rained alot , we got to see our friends and make some new ones . It was totally worth the effort. The drive to Vt was simple and were unwinding daily in the hot tub on the porch. troy and Meredith should be joining us tomorrow and we'll head up to burlington. Our meals have been home cooked yum!
Sweet potatos>
root beer

6-3-03-Slept all fuckin day it was bliss, thank you so much shawny! We had a blast with you and tree!
Chris, tell abbey we missed her and we'll se her soon!
Chinese food(again)
Pork lo mein >
white rice >
won ton soup>
Gen-tzos chicken>
fortune cookie
"A new voyage will fill your life with untold memories" How true!
Bong hits and ice cream

6-2-03-What an amazing weekend, rain and all, got to see many old friends and hang with some old school kids. Crazy crazy night! Our hotel was the greatest little shack ever ! Genius move.

6-1-03-slept till 5:30 , bailed back to the camp ground to get our car and return the key to the hotel, had lunch, passed out in the ca lindsay drove thanks babe!

5-31-03-Day two we drag our selves and bounce around in the rain caught ween and disco biscuts.
hey Fab,Danny whered ya go?

5-30-03-first day of the ammf we pulled in and got on the bus to the festival groun and saw Amon tobin , kimock,and sector 9.

5-27-03- wow what a show! Warren and Trey dueling it out on stage! That was a long awaited treat!
It really made up for the BB king jam had wit htey in Nj

5-26-03- We awoke at the crack of noon again, tackled the moving the car situation and got a room down town a few blocks from the Hammerstein Ballroom.Its an amazing pain in the ass having a car in this city

Anat ,eliand mike came over to rosies and we watched wizard of floyd while rosie n I moved the jeep and contemplated
chinese food.

Sarges Leftovers>

encore :
General Tzos chicken>
Beef n brocolli>
spicy chicken>
spare ribs>
spring roll>
white rice>
fortune cookie

Like the waves crashing on a shallow beach, the noize cycles in and out with the quick moving tide, Or the breathing of some giant beast whose exhale is a deafening whisper.

This city never sleeps, it grumbles and howls all night long. Even though we're 7 floors up its as if we've pitched a tent next to grand central station. Were one block from MSG, with a great view of the town.
Last nights dinner landslided its way thru my colon like a pint of draino.

5-24-03-Sweeeet we rolled into nyc , almost ran out of gas waiting in traffic for the lincolin tunnel, so i cruised down in neutral. We picked up rosie and met jesse at his place. This is gonna be fun.
Went to Sarge's again I love this deli! NYC has the best food .
Reuben w/ swiss>
Corned beef /pastrami>
matzo ball soup>
potato pankaces>
cole slaw >
black cherry soda
diet coke>
cole-slaw pastrami w/russian dressing.
ice cream

Totally full , and doggie bag in hand we flagged a cab back home and are enjoying Ice cream. What a life .

5-23-03- Woke up at the crack of noon and bailed for nyc.The windshield wipers died so were pourin on the Rain-x..We dropped in on a buddy in MD. He loved the shirts and got one for his girl too. Stopped at the 8 for a nights rest after another fast food debacle that id rather not mention. NYC should cure those roadfood blues.

5-22-03- Went to bel air exxon sandwhich shop, watched the godfather. Need to bail early tomorrow.Its been great to seeing everybody!
roast beef sandwhich>
potato chips

5-22-03-We woke up early had some coffee, then rolled on to ©hardiggity™. What a scene! They've gotten rid of the old couch and now have new fatty leather couches with feet rests, and a super large screen TV. We played the Matrix video game on x-box and then watched a few movies off the mac. Jen and L cooked up a delicious meal!
Vegetarian stir-fry W/temphe>
homemade pumpkin bread yum!
We hung out for a while gettin baked and then went to the bistro.
New castle>
tequila shots>
choclate cake w/ blueberries and strawberries
The guy playing guitar had one of my fuck you stickers on his guitar. We clapped to fill the silence of the end of each song, it was participation angst. We heard that Max Collins was playing next door so we jetted over to the Virginian.More tequila>
Max rocked the house!


Afterwards we came back to mikes and watched itunes on the big screen.

5-21-03-Man ! Brooks' has got some mean poster art. Super old school stuff ive never seen before and a bunch of complete sets . We had a great time shootin the shit for a coupla daze.Thanks bro! And we ordered chinese food .
General Tsaos chicken>
Fried/white rice>
vegetable lo mein>
spring roll>
fortune cookie

We landed latenite in Charlotte at Doug-o's house.
Nice place you got here doug! We talked Dead untill 3am, and crashed on the floor.
We awoke this morning to Metallica blasting for a few songs while Doug's roommate took a shower. I never knew the lyrics to the song "One" before today.But now I do.

Woke up on the couch snuggled tightly to lindsay. Next time im laying out my sleeping bag on the floor.
I need to sleep on my belly for total comfort. We tried to visit auntie kerri but she never awnsered the phone. She's gonna be pissed we bailed but we're on a tight scheduele..... Ready for some G-d spam?
"Lordy Lordy please drink a 40" - a sign read in albany Ga.
Or "To avoid burning , use Son screen "-On the side of the Baptist church.

Soy milk>
trail mix>
1/2 wendy's chicken sandwich>
french fries>
1/2 chocolate frosty>
yummy roadside homemade strawberry ice-cream

5-18-03-Gainesville is such a beautiful part of Florida with it's live oaks and the moss that hangs like phantom bats in a tropical daylit cave.The Red Robins have made a nest outside my friends porch.We got hungry went to the local mexican restaraunt

Ok taco salad>
Palimino steak >
yellow rice>
corn chips with salsa

Stir-fry chicken>
white rice
diet coke

5-17-03- We're all packed up and ready to go & headin out today! Mom packed our already stuffed car with goodies, yum! Thanks Mom we love you. Ill see the rest of you soon!

5-15-03- Over worked ? Unwind from your day by rubbin your honeys butt.
Each pair is personally inspected and cums with free on-site customer support for the life of the panty.
Have a nice eclipse!

5-12-03-Thank's everyone for the birthday wishes!

We had a great jam party at Ed's house all my friends showed up ut was a nice supprise!
Lindsay is so sweet she called every one i knew and they came! thank you baby It was a special day for me.
I just watched the South Park where Earth is just a big galactic TV show, and i'd have to agree.

5-9-03- Whatever.

The Power in Not Taking Advantage
"Even when a great resentment is reconciled, some resentment must linger. How can this be made good?"
"That is why enlightened people hold the left side of the contract* and do not censure others. Those with power are in charge of the contract, those without power are in charge of resolving it. The Tao in Nature has no favourites. It always acts through the good person."
Whenever there is an obligation between two individuals, it is the responsibility of the more powerful person to avert the possibility of lingering resentment; resentment that could cloud future events. When enlightened people hold the "left side" of the contract, they know that they can attract power through compassionate and generous behaviour. They also know that if, on the other hand, they use their advantage to demand fulfilment from the other party they will engender a resentment that one day might harm their endeavours.
Instead, through their magnanimity they use their advantage to create appreciation and harmony. Thus they pave the way to a future more aligned to their needs. Should the other party not fulfil their obligation, enlightened people gain a deep understanding of when and with whom to enter agreements. Such an understanding will protect them throughout life.
* The word contract derives from the ancient term describing the bamboo tallies that were inscribed with the details of an agreement, then split into two. The right side was held by the debtor, the left side by the creditor.
In relationships, I’ve noticed how conflicts can be resolved by one side simply removing the “pride” element from their position in a dispute. Pride seems to be the enemy of a harmonious relationship. Pride also seems to be a quality that is opposite to the Tao that assumes the lowest position.

Hmmmm , im giving Danker Nugs away for free..- He's simply taking it from and trying to sell it back to you......

He also stole my euro"DOH" sticker, the weekapaug groove/coca cola, the 6-up,& the frid-ol Day. Which he removed a short time ago after some letters arrived at his office.


5-4-03- im super busy getting ready for tour. Nothing exciting happens here, Florida is boring. The Blog will be interesting when we begin to travel again, so im not going to bother writing the most mundane details of my day until then.

4-30-03-On a lighter note its raining cats and dogs...

4-27-03-Busy busy busy

4-25-03 -Your DNA is smarter than you are.
4-20-03- I have nothing to say.

4-18-03- Im stealing melanies signature and im calling the encore of "IT"
The Hokey Pokey>Tweezer Reprise

"Since the end is never told
, we pay the teller off in gold in hopes he will come back, but he cannot be bought or sold"

4-16-99-Today is the day that Albert Hoffman took his magical bike ride. Interesting how the 16th was the night of the
Help on the way>Slip>Franklins.
the Absolutely Mind Bending tale of
Phil and Phriends at THE WARFIELD April 1999.

My Big Cypress poster was placed in the Seminole Tribe museum.

This is the 4 year anniversary of Phil and Phriends.
I will try to tell the astonishing tale in lavish detail.
Those of you who know me have heard the tale before.
An experience to go unrivaled for a long time. Get ready.


4-14-03-It 's coming...













4-13-03- The lies that the US will just leave the middle east are fucking outragous. This war is going to go on and on and on and on.......

4-12-03-Finally came up with some feasible tour plans.. Either drive to Tenessee
and leave our car some where and meet up with Jay and Robbie and the rest of the crew in Bonnaroo. Or drive with Jay to Bonnaroo and back to Vt or ny after june15 , pick up Matt (or not) and do Dead tour throgh the 29th, which gives us 7 days to get to pheonix after I drive with jay back to Vail. Then I must decide,
3 days at Red Rocks with the Dead or the beginning of Phish tour. Either way jump in with J and R from The Gorge on>>.

4-11-03-Why oh why oh why oh...

4-10-03- What an awesome week its been. Ive created so many new ideas i dont know where to begin.

4-9-03- Is it just me? Or is The population of Iraq so conditioned through fear into having to cheer for who ever is in power that particular decade ,that the jubilant crowds in Iraq chanting "We love Bush" are just as contrived and propaganda driven as when they were chanting "We love Saddam?"
I think the smiling faces are veiling a deep resentment.
("Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!"-The Who.)

4-8-03-Time passes slowly when your sitting in limbo....I create and I wait, there's a faint song in my head all day long .Songs that when I hear them , I remember myself dancing, and how the weather was that day.
We as a fan base were more tribal. It was obviously a different time .......thinking about it reminds me of Summer tour mostly. There's just so much more to the experience when the weathers nice. 98 being my favorite year of phish because im a cover song fiend, and it was amazing weather . The mid west was a most pleasing musical run. I remember spunadently leaving my bike krypto-locked to a fence somewhere in starlake, I remember driving on the back of the golf cart in Oswego, the rainstorm during purple rain in red rocks, lightning striking during Taste in North Carolina 95, the Free during a nasty lightning storm in Ohio .I remember Trey thanking us for not being like the fans at the apocalyptic Woodstock II. I remember the "Can you hear me knockin" jam to end Weekapaug, in sunrise fla 94, Highway to hell the next night in Orlando, probably the highest ive ever been at a show besides The Warfield when Phil and Phriends played. That by far was the most amazing musical experience I've ever had .I will have to dedicate a page alone to document that experience. I remember the chandeliers during Chalkdust at the fillmore in 98, I remember Ken kesey asking me to be a Bozo and then later on screaming --"Frankenstein's on Fire again !! Frankenstein's on Fire !!" I remember Water in the sky>Drown in North Carolina in the pouring rain, the sunsets and fog machine from the Gorge, Terrapin Station and the Va beach police, I remember bellbottom blues, I can recall Paul Languedoc getting arrested in the lobby of the hotel in Worcester, I remember taking a short cut leaving the great went and avoided the traffic jam, I remember the fatty Trey lit up to light the fuse that sparked up the stage at the lemonwheel, the Art jam where we moved the painting across the crowd to set it on fire , and how Trey whispered 'OH WOW! into the mic" when it was set ablaze. I remember the lights from Simple in star lake 98 were all pink and purple, I remember Chewbacca,RC I remember Bart catching the FOB tapers, I remember all the Burlington kids, and the YEM from UIC 98. I remember losing it to the rocky mountain way, and Paul L handing us a Sierra Nevada after the show! all the beer we snuck into msg , Kuroda keeping our beers cold during the show in MSG NYE. I remember fishmans lights going half out on his Suspicious Minds Elvis cape in atlanta 95,
I remember Carl Perazzo's bell chimes during Timber Ho 96 , The guy who climbed the ski lift and was shooting off Roman candles during Simple at Sugarbush 95 and the Large George Jetson Doll that did the whole 95 summer tour. Burger Balls. Uno cards,grilled cheeses, and sammy smiths......... I almost forgot...

4-7-03-TAB Internet lottery?? Oh brother...

Baba Olatungi
died today on his own birthday.
Play some music to honor his passing.

4-5-03-Theres a Time/Life "sounds of the 70's" CD set being sold on TV called "Dreamweaver's" It has every fantasy cover song Phish hasn't played yet.

2003 summer tour


4-4-03- Its been a hectic week. I have so many projects going at once its hard to keep track of it all.
But im pleased to say that most everything is running smoothly. The weather has been beautiful, cool at nite , hot today. Gathering everything together, gonna make it all work out. Its hard to stay in touch with everyone but i will try to make contact with everybody this weekend when my phone is free.

4-2-03-Depression can be the sand that makes the pearl-Joni Mitchell

3-31-03- Can someone explain how this is possible? I did it over and over again and it nailed it 100%
We think its a timing thing. Psychic Computer . Thank you for you responses!
3-30-03-The creative process is screaming along. The Juggernaut is at it again.
Its amazing how excited everybody is! This is going to be the best summer of our lives!

Phish to destroy Limestone August 2 & 3 2003

3-25-03-I call first"Dibbs" on using this parody!
sez "Come on up to Limestone!
& bring the kids!"

"This time, all proceeds will go into aviation improvements at the base,
which was once home to B-52 bombers and other warplanes."

TRANSLATION:? We will be rebuilding and reinstating a military air base here again because
of the totally fucked up world we live in, good bye limestone.



3-26-03-Dead tour begins in Bonnaroo and continues thru July where I'm betting that they will play
Red Rocks July 6 7 & 8.This means you can do the whole Dead tour ,skip the first few Phish shows to catch Phil at Red rocks , then jump on Phish tour all the way to Limestone ,then finish up the summer with the 2nd leg of Dead tour> and then do whatever summer festivals are left!


3-25-03-Holy Moley! 21 SHOWS!

3-25-03- I'm Listening to Pink Floyd 2-28-80 in AWE , those shows must have been absolutely incredible.
If you have a copy of Pink Floyd doing The Wall live in 1980 bust it out , it holds an intense relevance today.

3-24-03-Its been a day or two since my boys from NC came down for the winter music festival. We had a
good time, you all are always welcome! They ran into Dj's they wanted to meet and I adopted a new kitten that wandered into my yard "Little Man". I cant wait for Limestone.

This is the best news I've
heard all year !
This will help us in the "TURNING AWAY."

I'm absolutely appalled at the way the war is being brought to us as a form of FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT.
Its a disgusting reflection of what mankind has become.Anger is not the emotion. Absolute contempt and apprehension of the diabolical future that is looming in the near future, makes me uneasy.

3-19-03- Well , I've had the chance to listen back and forth from TAB to Phish and i have to stand by my earlier statement that TAB is better for dancing because it's more mature music. And in my book better dancing=more fun. More fun=better. Granted if you catch "show B" where trey conducts the band for 20 minutes you will want your money back at the end of the show. Show A on the other hand Trey is spraying us down with the hose. IE: First nite RED ROCKS 2002. A factor that simply IMHO did not happen this winter .
(8 minute Free?! yawn.)(back to back sample?? Weak.) They've gotten too big and there are too many gawzers"eye humping" Trey instead of raging.
Even on TAB tour , especially TAB tour.

Phish is a GREAT HOBBY, like collecting stuff or watching a long running soap opera, waiting for the next big EPISODE, because they have a pattern of busting out huge out of NOWHERE. & us Totally brainwashed fans will relentlessly follow them around hoping to hear some deviation from the NORM.
And we call it amazing.



3-18-03-We buried Tootsie , my dog of 12 years today. We all cried but are relieved as well.

3-17-03-I hope someone writes some good music while all this suffering is going on. Walls of the Cave just isn't going to cut it for me , We need more heartfelt soulful sounds to sum up the wickedness going on.
Although it does seem that Round Room is a protest album, remarking on the sign of the times.

In a whole world full of instability and war, there's one thing you can always count on: Oatmeal,its not just for breakfast anymore.


It looks like genius has a soft spot for March!


3-14-03-Happy birthday Einstein!
When asked how World War III would be fought, Einstein replied that he didn't know. But he knew how World War IV would be fought: "With sticks and stones!"


Clone clone clone clone clone clone clone
3-12-03P is your favorite letter. P stands for ; Phenster,
Phish, Phil, party, porn, positive, presents, pets, paradise, please, people, pot, puff, plants, , psychedelic, pipe, polite, passion, play, pimp, pleasant, Poster (nutbag), praise, perfect , pebbles, physical, PYITE, practical, puppies, pills, persuasion, paid, precise, pharmies, performance, pizza, panic, park, plush, promise , poppy, parrot, patience, pause, powerful , presto, pleased, protected, peacock, planet, pasture, popular, philanthropy, professional, pristine, possum, pampered, piss, puddled, princess , prince & peace, pre-9/11 and it has a penis and a pussy. What more could you ask of a letter?

3-10-03-Rain Rain Rain tonite is Raq and Seth Yakavoni at the Culture Room .
Strange I thought Raq was touring up the coast. I missed the show, my dog is real ill : (


winter 2003



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