4-8-03-Time passes slowly when your sitting in limbo....I create and I wait, there's a faint song in my head all day long .Songs that when I hear them , I remember myself dancing, and how the weather was that day.
We as a fan base were more tribal. It was obviously a different time .......thinking about it reminds me of Summer tour mostly. There's just so much more to the experience when the weathers nice. 98 being my favorite year of phish because im a cover song fiend, and it was amazing weather . The mid west was a most pleasing musical run. I remember spunadently leaving my bike krypto-locked to a fence somewhere in starlake, I remember driving on the back of the golf cart in Oswego, the rainstorm during purple rain in red rocks, lightning striking during Taste in North Carolina 95, the Free during a nasty lightning storm in Ohio .I remember Trey thanking us for not being like the fans at the apocalyptic Woodstock II. I remember the "Can you hear me knockin" jam to end Weekapaug, in sunrise fla 94, Highway to hell the next night in Orlando, probably the highest ive ever been at a show besides The Warfield when Phil and Phriends played. That by far was the most amazing musical experience I've ever had .I will have to dedicate a page alone to document that experience. I remember the chandeliers during Chalkdust at the fillmore in 98, I remember Ken kesey asking me to be a Bozo and then later on screaming --"Frankenstein's on Fire again !! Frankenstein's on Fire !!" I remember Water in the sky>Drown in North Carolina in the pouring rain, the sunsets and fog machine from the Gorge, Terrapin Station and the Va beach police, I remember bellbottom blues, I can recall Paul Languedoc getting mugged in the bar of the hotel by the Worcester police, I remember taking a short cut leaving the great went and avoided the traffic jam, I remember the fatty Trey lit up to light the fuse that sparked up the stage at the lemonwheel, the Art jam where we moved the painting across the crowd to set it on fire , and how Trey whispered 'OH WOW! into the mic" when it was set ablaze. I remember the lights from Simple in star lake 98 were all pink and purple, I remember Chewbacca,RC I remember Bart yankin the fuckin mics off my buddys head, I remember all the Burlington kids, and the YEM from UIC 98 where Chris turns on the house lights in a (fuck you clap harder bitch) after the frankenstein, we all went "HEAAAAY???!" Then CK shut the lights and we went nuts. I remember losing it to the rocky mountain way, and Paul L handing us a Sierra Nevada after the show! All the beer we snuck into msg , Kuroda keeping our beers cold during the show in MSG 1999-NYE. I remember fishmans lights going half out on his Suspicious Minds Elvis cape in atlanta 95,
I remember Carl Perazzo's bell chimes during Timber Ho 96 , The guy who climbed the ski lift and was shooting off Roman candles during Simple at Sugarbush 95 and the Large George Jetson Doll that did the whole 95 summer tour. Burger Balls. Uno cards,grilled cheeses, and sammy smiths.........I can vaguely recall the Tower jam fro the IT fest.-NP