The Mars Hotel. By The Phenster Menace 2003

California , home of the Grateful Dead and the American psychedelic movement.
The Warfield, one of the main venues of the movement and Jerry's personal stomping ground. I had seen Jerry a couple of times there to know its truly a special place with lot's of Psychedelic history and momentum.
This is what set the stage at this astonishing performance.
The Experience I had, has gone virtually unrivaled since then , and I am finally compelled to share it .

We all knew this was going to be special. The energy crackled in the air.
I could feel my heart beating in my chest in anticipation.This was IT. We all agreed before the show to get as spun as humanly possible. And it was humanly possible.

We stood in the orchestra with Page and Kimock practically in front of me , Phil to the right and then Trey on the end. Bob dylan was playing over the sound system and with no warning ,Warfield style, the house lights dimmed and the curtain rose........For the next half an hour they absolutely destroy Viola Lee.
The final bust at the end, Phil stands on tip toe and strums each and every string on his bass like it was in dramatic slo-motion and leaves a smoking crater in my mind.
This is where it gets strange. All three nights I stood in the exact same spot.
And even a week after the performance my brain did not differentiate the difference between the 3 shows. To my Brain, it was one-long-show.
Right before shakedown some disgruntled guy yelled "So far you suck!"
Someone chimed right in with "That's Mr Suck to you!" and the music busted.
4-16-99-the anniversary of the discovery of L.

What ensued next was pure bliss, I remember the music silenced and the entire stage disappeared, And through what seemed like telepathy All I could hear were Phil's thoughts "I'm so glad to be here I love my kids so much" Then trey answered him "Me too , I just taught my daughter how to ride a bike"
Then the Warfield went daylight and we were in the hills of Vermont, the sun was shining, there was lush green grass and trees, and Trey was pushing his daughter on a bike with training wheels down the road. The tassels coming out of the ends of the handle bars sparkled in the breeze as she rang the bell 'ca-ching cha-ching '
and yelled-"Faster daddy! Faster!"He lets her go and I suddenly hold my breath.

The music comes back and I come to sort of ,and im seeing all the musicians are back on stage but something's happening..
Everybody in the band begins to switch places with each other instantly before my eyes.
*FLASH*-Now kimock is Phil and Phil is Trey and *FLASH* Now Molo is Kimock and Page is Trey-*FLASH*Now Phil is where Kimock is *FLASH* just like that
Each band member magically trading places and instruments Like a bizarre magic trick done with mirrors.

Then the stage began to wave again and all the band members took their place. But again, I had this vision...
Everybody in the band was relaxing. Kimock is kicked back in a chair,feet up,hands clasped behind his head in total relaxation, while two Egyptian women dressed in elaborate costumes , jewelry and make-up,
fan him with Palm-Froms.
What's happening?
Phil is holding a large book and is wearing one of those crazy white
shakespearian frilly frocks around his neck and is reading poetry aloud.
Trey is merely standing there leaning cross legged against the "whatever" holding a drink in his hand. All experiencing a Zen moment.The music swirled on and I found myself in a dream....And awoke to the beginning chords of Alligator. We now puffed for what seemed like an eternity on the Warfield floor.

Again the lights dim and after a few minutes the band disappears completely and the entire room melts away into a day time open-air greek theatre. About 20 people were on stage dancing and pantomiming out the actions of the music and were wearing elaborate costumes and jewelry and make-up. And there was Bertha, being scolded by all the people on stage , bending down on their knees, begging ,"Bertha don't you come around here, any more ",and she lept from the stage into mid-air and vanished...

I look back at the stage and it begins to morph...into the most beautiful elaborate , temple I've ever seen.
From each side of the stage, two giant Egyptian monoliths rise out of the floor ,as a shining solid gold wall materializes before me with an entrance. The gold temple wall is completely covered with elaborate egyptian hieroglyphics engraved all over it, and the entrance leads to a corridor which I can see clearly through. The floor is of the most stunning blue and white marble and plants and vases line the hallway while guards carrying spears and wearing light armor stand sentinel at the portal of the temple.There is a fountain inside the room and pillows and people.
It seemed like I was being motioned to enter but I couldn't move.

I blinked, and the whole thing morphed into a fancy L shaped couch with these 2 beautiful people with blue skin,black hair and gold jewelery, having tantric sex. I downloaded what can only be described as an inner thought projected at me,
"If you want to enter the temple, you need stop eating meat, stop doing drugs and learn this......"
The music pushed the couple into a complex tantric yoga sex position.
"..And this..." Again the music pushes the couple into another position.
"These are the keys to the door"...and again the music pushes the couple into another position.

I looked to my right, and standing next to me, looking down with big black shiny eyes was the stereotypical Grey. Again with the telepathy I hear it speak inside my head "Are you ready?"
Silence takes over and I become aware that I can hear and read and even see the thoughts of everyone in my proximity. I was watching the subconscious movies through the clear glass windows of peoples foreheads around me. I was 101% telepathic. I remember that when I glanced inside some people, I saw their darkest secrets not to be revealed here by me. Truly bizarre. I could tell what people in the room had more Grey DNA in them than others. I tried to look back at the Grey and looking down I realized, I WAS THE Grey!
"Mission to ground controll?!!!"
I began to look around me at all the people with the Greys Perspective.
I was looking at humans the way humans look at a fish or a bug. The visible sex difference was irrelevant/unnoticeable.
I was seeing a lower form of species.
The voice spoke to me again "Do you see now?"...
And instantly I understood . The Grey itsself was sexless and was showing me when the Greys made us, how they included their DNA. Then a hologram of the galaxy appeared above me and I was shown a constellation. I felt the voice ....
"This is where we fell, we are truly saddened you (the human race) are stranded here. It was an accident. Were trying to make it as comfortable for you as possible."
I was shown a slipstream in space where life just "IS" and told we passed through it before crashing here. My mind was being totally blown....
I looked down again and I was back in my body. The floor began to feel bumpy and I saw roots growing out of the floor. Vines began to crawl up the walls and across the ceiling till every thing was covered in the dangling vines. I looked up and The vines were dangling from the ceiling, and from the end of each vine ,smaller vines that looked like veins were
dangling, and from those even smaller veins , varicose veins sprouted, and from the tip of each little varicose vein, a rainbow colored berry grew with crystal like fractals along the edges. There were hundreds of them filling up like water balloons from the ceiling.
The fractal berries were filling up with musical juice and when full went *POP* dropping from the ceiling onto my tongue,
similar to a skittles commercial.
It was paridise.
I am truly Grateful.

Noah Phence 4-17-03