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Ive been asked by alot of people to make a quick list of stuff i can print on shirts.
This list is not complete but good enuff for now.
If you have a design you want on a shirt

email me

ALL SHIRTS ARE $30.00-- Shipped

Contact me and add your list

Add what design shirt you want ,
How Many .
The color of the shirt (s)
and size of the shirt (s)

And if you want ,you can choose the color border around the design .

(Some shirts i will only print on certain colors like black )

I will inform you if I think your choice is ugly and choose a good looking combination for you. : )

I could/might have made a paypal shopping cart but to make you CUSTOM shirts its easier if you put forth a little effort in describing exactly what you want

Festival 8 Phish T shirt



Slave to the traffic light
and licence plate

Mac Your Face
Fuck You

Triple Tres
Chuck Norris
Egypt Dead
Enjoy Coke
Miami NYE

Enjoy Phish


Phan Halen

IT- Flower of life


Guy Forget

Stay puft
Crossing the streams into the temple of ZOOOL.



Are you a god?







Purple Humpbacked Whale
Have a nice afterlife