Phish Posters, T Shirts, and Collectable Pins
The more detailed graphic idea you give me, the easier /cheaper your pin will be for me to produce.
Depending on how graphically talented you are or if you can amass a general idea or drawing of your pin is what
will determine how we approach the process of making your particular pin.

A minimum of 100 must me made. Up to 7 colors free.

Cost depends on size , colors, amount of detail and add ons like spinners ,danglers, sliders
plus the amount of hours spent creating graphics a
nd proofs if designed completely from scratch by my team.

Once we get an initial design down, together we revise it until its perfect.
Also ,I am happy to give/ ( or not give!) creative input unlike many other designers who mostly stay out of it just to get the job done.

All your designs are confidential not to be pre-meditatively leaked or shared.
I've had my ideas stolen, its weak sauce, so i consider your idea sacred ground and will treat it as your property.



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